How To: Shellcoding Tutorial, Linux x86 Part 1

Shellcoding Tutorial, Linux x86 Part 1

Alright, since I notcied this article was too advanced for some users, ive decided to revision this!

Step 1: Learn Assmebly

you need to learn assembly first to continue this tutorial, thers some pretty gud sites out there, just google em!

Step 2: The Registers Adn More

well you need to use the registers a lot, some registers are:

  • EAx
  • EbX
  • EcX
  • ESp
  • EIP

remember these, as theyre very important

Step 3: Removin Nulbytes

its very important to remove da nullbytes
because if you dont, the shellcode wont execute properly
you can do this by usin the followin techniques!

  • xor, xoring is the same as mov 0
  • using the stack
  • using the lower registers

well that will be all, hope you understood now!


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Great work unh0lys0da!

Awesome article unh0lys0da!


I went into this with very little ASM knowledge, and I came out with just a little more... Thanks, man.

nice tutorial

Congratulations! Love it

This is the next step to advance Null Byte into a more hardcore 1337 haXX0r scene. Would've loved to see a demonstration on a vulnerable program though.

Agreed. W3 mu57 b 1337.

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