How To: Stay Fully in Sync with Your Remote Team Using TimeSync Pro

Stay Fully in Sync with Your Remote Team Using TimeSync Pro

If you've been working from home a bit more often than usual lately, you're far from alone. Despite some optimistic predictions that things would have returned to normal right now, social distancing guidelines have forced most offices to shut their doors, and it's looking like this is going to be the new normal for the foreseeable future.

But the fact that you're stuck at home doesn't have to lead to a drop in productivity or team cohesion, thanks to TimeSync Pro. As the world's leading online meeting scheduler for remote teams, TimeSync Pro makes it easy to make calls, qualify leads, and much more, and a lifetime subscription is on sale today for 90% off at just $39.99.

This all-in-one syncing tool will help you and your team stay productive even while you're forced to work remotely from home, thanks to a series of innovative tools and features that will help everyone stay on the same page.

You'll be able to ditch the tedious back-and-forth emails by automatically syncing meetings, calls, interviews, presentations, and more — all through an intuitive system that's easy to use.

TimeSync Pro also makes it easy to only receive meeting bookings from people who are qualified to send the request, and you'll be able to quickly integrate the entire system with go-to calendars and meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Facebook.

It's also possible to create filter questions for any booking to ensure that nobody's time is wasted on superfluous and double-booked sessions.

Keep your team productive even when everyone is working from home with a lifetime subscription to TimeSync Pro for just $39.99 — 90% off its usual price for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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