How To: Struggling to Connect to WiFi Network on Kali Linux 2.0 VirtualBox

Struggling to Connect to WiFi Network on Kali Linux 2.0 VirtualBox

Hello y'all!

I apologize if this question has been solved somewhere else, but I have looked around on Google, Yahoo, and Null Byte and have not been able to find any working solutions.

I've been trying to set up my first ever virtualbox guest (Kali Linux 2.0), but I'm having trouble with my network connection immediately after installing this guest machine on my Windows 7 host.

Ping and ifconfig in Terminal:

Sometimes, upon logging in as a root user, I can "ping" in the Terminal, getting a steady stream of data from the internet. Okay, great! That means I'm connected right? But other times (even 10 seconds later) I try to ping without any different settings and all of a sudden "ping:unknown host".

The issue wouldn't be as bad if it only happened some of the time, but even when ping does work in the terminal, once I decide to try updating my system and enter "apt-get update" I only get error messages stating that I was "Unable to connect to"

"Unable to Connect":

This is where I'm really having a hard time, because my connection says that I am attached by a wired cable to the Network (I think my computer is using my WiFi but I attached my ethernet cable just in case).

Network Connection:
Network Adapter:

How can I connect to the internet so I can update stuff?

Thank you!

(Editted to attach pictures)

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Try to configure the network from Bridged to NAT.

Jako is right. When connecting out to the Internet, use NAT as your network setting. Also, sometimes the VM will drop the IP address of Kali. Make certain you have an IP before trying to connect out (ifconfig). If there is no IP, use dhclient to get a DHCP assigned IP.

Thank you JaKo and occupytheweb it seems you were both correct! Configuring the network from Bridged to NAT solved my issue.

Network Connection achieved! Thanks again so much for helping! (:

You're welcome, for that we are!

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