How To: Supercharge Your Excel Skills with This Expert-Led Bundle

Supercharge Your Excel Skills with This Expert-Led Bundle

We've already highlighted the importance of learning Microsoft Excel from a hacker's standpoint, but it's also just a good skill to have as you'll likely come across the number-crunching powerhouse at school and work, as well as in other areas of your life, such as budgeting.

Excel has earned its reputation as being one of the world's most versatile and ubiquitous workbook platforms due to its intuitive interface, expandable design, and easy-to-use formulas. But the tool can be used for much more than merely creating spreadsheets and sorting data. In the right hands, this platform can be a valuable asset for visualizing data and generating game-changing insights.

With four courses and over 20 hours of advanced lectures, the Complete 2020 Microsoft Excel Expert Bundle will transform you from a run-of-the-mill Excel novice into a full-fledged pro, and the entire training package is available for over 85% off at just $29.99.

Ideal for frequent Excel users who want to take advantage of the platform's more complex elements but equally well-suited for more casual users who want to build on their existing Excel knowledge, this extensive training package will help you land or further a career in a wide variety of data-driven fields.

In the expansive Microsoft Excel 2019 course, you'll dive into high-level consolidation and analysis methods that are used at the forefront of financial reporting and software development — all through easy-to-follow lessons that revolve around utilizing formulas, calculations, graphs, and charts.

With some advanced essentials under your belt, you'll move on to topics that walk you through pivot tables and automation techniques that will drastically reduce your work time, along with analysis methods and tools that are used by development professionals in order to gain valuable insights from massive sets of complex data.

Purchasing the training grants you unlimited access to every educational resource in this bundle for life along with any new content that may be added in the future, and there are plenty of helpful resources — including workbooks and real-world examples — to help you along the way.

Add an advanced knowledge of Excel to your data and analytics toolkit with the Complete 2020 Microsoft Excel Expert Bundle while it's available for just $29.99 — over 85% off its usual price for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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