How To: Theme Your Kali Linux

Theme Your Kali Linux

I am back this time showing you guys how to theme your kali linux. Being true kali is good for pentesting but when it comes to looks it is lifeless , maybe the kali rolling could be an exception but even that makes you feel bored after a long time . So in this tutorial I am gonaShoe you how to theme up your kali

Step 1: Downloading a Good Theme

You can go to GNOME-Look website to download themes. we need GTK3 themes only, here is the link

download any theme which is gtk 3.x in tar.gz format

Step 2: Extraxting the Dowloaded Theme

once you have a theme downloaded it is time to extraxt it. Open a terminal from the downloads folder (the folder where you have downloaded the file)and type in terminal the following line without quotes

"tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz"

Step 3: Copy the Extracted Files to Required Location

now copy the whole folder to /usr/share/themes/

Step 4: Applying the Theme

now you need to apply the theme . This can be done by using the GNOME TWEAK TOOL which comes pre installed in the kali linux 2. if you are using the old kali linux type the fllowing lines without quotes in terminal.

"apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool"
once you have installed gnome tweak tool you can change the theme.

open the tweak tool and under the appearance tab you will find the themes section .

Change GTK+ ,Icons , Shell theme to the downloaded theme and you l have the theme applied.

Step 5: Disclaimer

I do not own any rights to Gnome tweak tool, gnome-look.

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Can i change my desktop envirement using twaek tool

oh no you can not this is to change the way your GNOME enviroment looks

I've tried installing a theme from gnome-look, but Firefox can't open it because it's using the XDG protocol, and I can't find anything anywhere that tells me how to open XDG URLs Kali. Could you help?

Hi everyone, maybe you can help. What a I doing wrong? If I cd /usr/share/themes I change dir no prob..

but when I try and copy a file/files from my downloads folder it keeps saying no such directory???
I am doing as follows:

cp Solorized-Dark-Green-GS /usr/share/themes

the command line comes back with that I havent put

cp -r Solorized-Dark-Green-GS /usr/share/themes but that doesn't do it either. Any thoughts anyone please? I am prob being a donut but I am scratching my head at this lol

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