How To: This Top-Rated Course Will Make You a Linux Master

This Top-Rated Course Will Make You a Linux Master

Linux is a diverse and powerful operating system that virtually every IT professional must learn and know well. Whether you realize it or not, you have likely already used a Linux device, and learning to design things for it is a key step in any Data Science career path.

The Mastering Linux Development Bundle is a comprehensive educational bundle that has something new to teach you, whether you're a seasoned expert or completely new, and it's on sale for $19.99 right now.

This bundle is perfect for learners at every level, but it has the most to teach to beginners. Courses like "Linux Basics for Beginners" are designed to take you through the essential foundational information you'll eventually need to become a Linux master.

The Mastering Linux bundle has classes for more experienced users, too; "Gain In-Depth Knowledge on How to Become an SSH Power User" is geared toward practicing and perfecting your skill with SSH Power and how to gain access to GUI applications running on remote Linux machines.

With seven courses covering 34 hours of expert content, you will have a lot to learn from this bundle, which is good because you get lifetime access to everything in it. Take your time learning everything you need because Linux is one of those foundational tools you'll use a lot, whether you have a career in IT or are just programming as a hobby. Another such tool is Python, which you should check out too if you haven't already.

Each of the instructors for the courses in this bundle is either from or runs expert organizations. Atul Tiwari is one such instructor. Tiwari has worked in Information Security for more than 10 years, has trained 90,000+ students, and has performed penetration tests and security audits on government contracts. This level of expertise is mirrored in the other instructors you will learn from with this bundle.

You can get The Mastering Linux Development Bundle for $19.99 while it's on sale, and if you use the code WELOVEMOM, you can get it for only $15.99 with a 20% discount sitewide.

Prices subject to change.

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