How To: Turtl - Encrypted Cloud Notes

Turtl - Encrypted Cloud Notes

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share a free and open source note taking tool that I've been using for quite some time now.

From what I can tell, it's a very safe a secure method keeping passwords, links, and personal stuff encrypted and online.


Turtl is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac. Visit above for more information.

How it works

Using Turtl is simple. When you choose a username and password (BOTH ARE CASE SENSITIVE) it will save your credentials in the database that will allow you to access your notes via any computer with Turtl installed. It's worth noting here that there can be 100 of the same usernames with 100 different passwords in the database. This is nice because you can have two different accounts with Turtl that use the same account name to trick someone with a gun to your head. For example, I can login to my personal account with fox:123456 and my top secret account with fox:1234567. They will bring up different accounts with different notes.

How to Install on Kali

Installing is easy, visit the link here on your Kali machine. Download it and navigate to the dir to extract the file using the tar command.

  • tar xvfj filename.tar.bz2

You will now notice a new file in the directory by typing ls.

To run turtl, cd to new directory and type:

  • ./turtl

For a more sophisticated way of opening it, you can add the directory to the $PATH environment variable by typing:

  • export PATH=$PATH:<path>

Now you can just type turtl to open the program.

  • turtl

This is my first tutorial, so let me know what you think!

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this is interesting. I will probably use this in the near future, thanks for letting us know. +1

And you did just fine for your first article

This is pretty awesome.
Thanks for the share!

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