Typo Explaining: Using Null Byte Properly

Using Null Byte Properly

I have been on Null Byte for a long time, a very long time and. I havent always had an account here, ive like many of you also have, been looking and decided to make a profile to contribute.

How It Used to Be:

  • Quick side note

This is how it used to be when I started coming here, I understand it most likely have been completely different years back for some of you, as I can clearly see some of you have been here way longer than me.

  • Well this is how it was for me back then

I would log onto Null Byte and see mostly tutorials / how-to articles.

Once every 2 days id see in total 4 maybe 5 questions at the absolute max. And I respected that a lot to fellow null byters because that meant that the newbies around here have been searching for their answers elsewhere before coming to the more experienced people and ask for help, because its the easy way out.

What Is Has Turned Into:

Now its the exact opposite, literally speaking. I see a lot of very easy questions that literally 1 MAYBE 2 search queries will do on Google. And I see 4 maybe 5 maximum of well explained and detailed tutorials from more experienced people, and occasionally ill see newbies having a go at it which is completely fine to me, your here to learn.

(I know some here are way more experienced here than me, I am in no way trying to make myself look like im in any way superior than any of you. We all have our own experience and knowledge from different places)

Finally, What It Should Be:

Personally I think this should be a community where you can get help of course, especially newbies because they need it the most. However, I feel like people are misusing our kindness and welcomeness to everybody that is trying to keep this Null Byte community stable and make sure it wont turn into something it shouldnt.

People should make a tutorial whenever the individual has the time, we all have our own lives. However i have learned SO MUCH, and I mean SO MUCH from reading countless of articles. I cannot express this in any way else than saying, when I was in your shoes starting out as a hacker, I read at least 25 - 35 articles daily. Yes daily, not joking. I read so much and learned so many

  • abbreviations
  • coding programs
  • software
  • exploits
  • definitions
  • and so much more

that people outside the hacking community isnt even close to knowing.

When you do your own re-search you also feel very happy and confident because you know you can find what you are looking for.


Remember part of this is my personal experience, and my personal opinion, nothing else. You might disagree and you might not.

  • So with this being said, I will also give you my tips on how to properly use a search engine.


Understand that anything you want to find is somewhere, it has to be. We are 7 billion people on this earth, you think you are the first person to encounter the same problem or question you have? Think again. And where do you think other people would seek answers? The internet, exactly.

So how would one find an answer to whatever you need to find?

Search engines is the simple answer. Search engines is for example Google Yahoo AOL Bing and maybe even a few more, but these are the biggest ones I can just remember from the top of my head. They contain massive databases of literally millions of search queries being searched every minute, and they are stored in a specific way in order to find every users answer in a simple and fast way. The way this is done is when you search something on lets say Google.

Your query is sent to several databases from Google and since these databases are stored in the US they will most likely only contain information within the US only.

Lets continue: Your query is processed in several databases, notice I wrote several and not thousand, because yes it could very easily be put through thousands of databases but because millions of people are also seeking answers, your query will go through the few databases whose data applies to the search query most accurately. And thats what you see on your pop-up page when you hit enter. You see a bunch of links and websites and probably also articles that may contain your answer. Have you paid attention to how quickly you find your answer to for example : How much does it cost to X?

Minutes right? Exactly, thats because millions of other people have searched the exact same and the search query goes through only a few databases that has the data that would answer your question, and is then accordingly displayed to you in the order of pages 1-25 (for example) So if you start from page one you will quickly find what you are seeking, but if you start from the last page, you will have to look for a long time.

Other Search Engines:

If Google didnt help you out, remember there are other search engines that are very popular and have thousands of databases also, not to mention, Europe also has a lot of shit you would want to have an answer on, so running your search query where the company only has databases located in US is not the smartest thing to do, because they will likely not even have that information. The databases needs to be located in that continent before it will likely contain info about that continent. Simple. Imagine Google, (an american company) have to store every single piece of data worldwide! Holy shit man, think of the size of Europe, Asia, Russia, US, I mean even their servers would crash if I were to guess.


There are planty of other hacking forums like Null Byte however, Null Byte is the only community I have come across that has this much kindness. But if you dont care about getting a cocky answer back or troll answers even, then there are other forums with many users at


I personally dont use those, but I have in the past, and I have gotten an answer very quickly, but people can be rude. You have been warned.

Hope this article have helped you remember that a hacker is to use every tool he has available. And trust me, once you got these simple concepts and techniques down, you will find yourself collecting a lot of information about people you just met, because you want to check them out to make sure they arent a child porn user :) Joke, but seriously, personal experience here.


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Exactly what I wanted to say!

I understand where you're coming from. But please have patience. You have to keep in mind that there are people who don't know as much, but these same people are wanting to learn. That's what we do here, we learn and teach at the same time. If posts like this keep coming up, it will scare newbies off from asking the questions they need to ask, it will keep them from learning.

As for the questions that should be answered through research. If you're in a classroom and have a question for the teacher, does the teacher repremand you for not looking in the textbook first? I'm not encouraging these questions by saying this, but there needs to be some leeway. I'm not asking much of you, but for the sake of learning, please have some patience.


It's a shame WonderHowTo doesn't have a 'pin' function like it can be used on Facebook pages. This could be used to pin the 'How to post to Nullbyte' article to the top of the page, possibly resulting in less posts like mentioned above.

In my opinion, posts like 'hey how do i hak fb' do not deserve an elaborate answer. The only possible response should be a link to the 'How to post to Nullbyte' article.

The other option is simply to ignore questions and posts that you don't believe warrant your attention. Don't feel compelled to respond.

Exactly what I have thought since the first time I had started to follow the questions feed here. Some (not to say many) newbies just come here with a "hey, help my with this basic something mistake I didn't ever bother to search about" attitude, don't propelly ask they question or post any code (when is related to programming) and rarely gives any feedback.

I just joined the community and didn't contribute in the way I think I should (yet), and by that some may think I am not capable of have a opinion or voice about this subject, but that is just how I see it.

As a programmer and computer entusiast for some years now, I know that 98% of the times I had some problem coding or hacking stuff on the system, I did found the answer for the problem on the web easily. Even on specific things, there is was big chance that someone had already been through it and found the answer on forums, blogs,etc. Even when this lacks, sometimes we can rely on documentation, and it is at least something.

In short, these people are lacking the mostly crucial hacking skill: the independent thinking and will to learn; in constrast with this somewhat parasite, selfish and childish attitude of wanting solutions chewed into their mouths.

Thanks guy; you made a few typos but it's ok :) I'm just kidding around.

I just wanted to add to your well written article that if a user replaces the .com of Google.com with a country code, for the most part you'll have different results in your search. So if you replace google.com with google.ca, you'll have better results if you're searching to d0x someone in Canada.

duckduckgo.com is also a very good search engine that respects your privacy and is personally my favorite.

and lastly:

I've never had any luck (nor desire) to join their forum because whenever I try to register, their server detects that i'm using a proxy and I'm blocked from joining; I also tried with Tor and received the same message. Seems counterproductive of them to force users to not use a proxy.... on a hacker forum. Could almost be dangerous for some and I have always wondered why they do that. Preventing spam perhaps? Guys, am i missing something with hackforums.net? Is there a way to register and access their forum with a proxy or Tor?

Despite having followed NB for well over a year I still consider myself a noob, in as much as I can use the tools and follow the tutorials but don't, as yet, program. My current life means that I just don't have the time to develop the skills I wish to acquire. However, the amount of information available just on these pages is vast, detailed and useful. If you cannot be arsed to search the NB archives, before cracking on with the rest of the entire internet, and simply post a question that has already been answered on any number of occasions, then your question should be deleted so that the homepage is not cluttered with pointless queries. I don't see this as detrimental to the NB ethos, nor would I suggest that the posters be flamed, I simply feel that such questions detract from the NB environment and may put off people who have more valid queries to raise.

Although I very much agree to this article, I believe that some well-intentioned newbies might be ignored in the process. Thus, I suggest that feedback is given to every question. For example, if the community deems the question to be lazy, just say so: "I am sorry but your question seems lazy and it feels like you are asking us to make research for you".

I sometimes do not know if the questions I put out are not answered due to them being lazy or just lack of interest from the community. And I believe I read a lot before even thinking on posting a question. I wouldn't mind being pointed out if I was being lazy since I might (wrongly) not see it that way

I have to agree with Eats the World. If you don't think the question warrants a response, you don't have to answer it. If a newbie doesn't get a response, they will quit asking. It also doesn't hurt to gently say "Have you tried Googling that?".

Thanks:) i will keep what u said in my mind!

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