TypoGuy Explaining Anonymity: Staying Hidden from the NSA

Staying Hidden from the NSA

We all know them, and many of us despize them. And some might support them, regardless many have different opinions.

NSA: Who Are They?

They are people who believe in them having access to everybody and all data that exists in the digital world. (In a nutshell)

They work with FBI and the american government, and they have software that is capable of things nobody knows about. They have a lot of money which equals power. They have agencies on their side, i.e FBI. They've got significant amount of resources towards digital information.

So your first enemy shouldnt be NSA.

NSA = National Security Agency

Who Is They're Enemy?

Being a very powerful agency, and many people having different opinions, who is NSA's enemy? I mean, everybody has them, so who is theirs?

The short answer, would maybe be Edward Snowden, because of the leaked documents a few years back. And whomever has blown the whistle on NSA. However to put it in a better perspective, I would say the only enemies NSA have, are 'hackers' to put it short. Hackers who disagrees with what NSA stands for. This makes it hard for NSA to know who and how many enemies they've got.

Myths & Theories

I've heard and read some theories on what NSA has created of software, and who they are working for and what they are working on. Regardless no confirmation will ever be given to us. Unless you're a curious hacker.

God's Eye

note: You have maybe heard it from the latest Fast & Furious Movie. For those who haven't. It is a piece of software that have access to anything that is digital, security cameras, cell phones, computers, bluetooth, anything that has a camera, microphone, or an OS.

Check out OTW's article on God's Eye

So. that being said, where am I going with this? I'll tell you.

To create something like God's Eye you need a few things.

  1. Money
  2. Hardware
  3. Physical Space
  4. And a lot of balls

You need money because it's an investment that doesn't come cheap. Also, hardware that have the capacity to store tons of terabytes. Probably even exabytes. And these servers needs to be held somewhere, and that requires physical space, which again cost money to buy such space. Next you need permission from the biggest companies to implement a backdoor in their OS in order for your software being able to access it whenever wherever you wish. And unless you have contracts and agreements with FBI & the Government, I dont see that happening unless you have the skill to crack into the biggest companies, Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. and plant a trojan.

this is of course a little crazy assumption to make, however not at all silly. NSA is the only ones that have all the tools, and being NSA, it wouldn't come as a surprise.

How Do I Stay Anonymous Then?

To be honest, you don't. With NSA having all of this at their hands, I dont see how you can be anonymous unless you literally delete your real identity and move somewhere without telling anyone, and create an anonymous identity. However, you can still stay undetected.

You can 'easily' make a secret identity, and make sure you cover your tracks, that way you can have a real identity, and still do some dirty work on your secret identity, or just do whatever you want without having someone snooping in on you. Simplest and most logical solution I see to those who are paranoid and dont want to surrender to NSA.

Following Up:

So, you know who they are, and what they can do. You know who they work for, and what they want. I've given you the best tip I know to avoid NSA. Notice I wrote 'avoid' and not hide. Like I stated above, it is potentially possible for you to hide from them, however it requires drastic measures. And one slip is all it takes for NSA being able to track you. Therefore it is better in my opinion to just avoid them. Keep as much of your data encrypted, and in a safe place. And the more you store your information offline the harder it gets for NSA to snoop in.


Also, as some may know, I did lose my password and luckily Justin was kind enough to recover it for me, since I put a lot of work and effort into this account. I am happy to be back.

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Happy to your back!

I really love your posts about anonimity, good job Typo.

Hi typo guy :) are you still around ?

It's NSA, not Freemasonry. Overall, the organization of the post is not bad, but in my opinion you should be focusing more on a pragmatical aspect.

You can stay undetected. I don't know how, but the FBI Most Wanted Hackers pull it off nicely.

-The Joker

They are not necessarily undetected, however more likely to be difficult for the FBI to track them down.

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