TypoGuy Explaining Anonymity: Your Real Identity

Your Real Identity

So, you want to become anonymous? well let me give you everything I know (or at least most of it) to you.

Introduction Part:

So this is a serious only about being anonymous on the internet and while hacking.

  • This series will cover: (further steps might be added if I decide to)
  • Your Real Identity
  • Tor
  • VPN's
  • Proxies
  • I2P
  • Tails
  • Whonix
  • Browsing habits
  • NSA
  • Google
  • Anonymous

These steps won't be in order, so that way it will also come more as a surprise to you.

Quick Info:

So, I want you to consider every title as a step. It is a step that you can choose to furfill in order to remain anonymous, or you can choose not to do it. And remember not every step has to be done if you dont want to. Obviously the more steps you do the more anonymous you will become.

Your Real Identity:

Your real identity is already a major obstacle when it comes to being anonymous. If you want to become anonymous like people on The Deep Web are, (at least some of them) we're talking next level stuff here.

Imagine a hacker who continuously cracks major corporations systems one after one. Hits every news station every week, but is never caught. What if I told you that some hackers, doesn't have a 'personal identity', they have sorta say erased themselves from the real world.

Which means they dont own the usual social accounts like you probably do. Facebook Twitter YouTube Amazon Gmail? No, delete that erase it. You would need to delete the account. many apps allows this option while Gmail for example doesn't. (as far as im concerned) perhaps you could contact support and have them delete it. But you could also just spam your own email with an email bomber so the data will be lost and then change password to something more than 30 characters.

Once you have erased all your accounts you move on to the more advanced area.

Keep in mind when deleting your social accounts, if your a person who posts a lot on the media and posts a lot you would need to erase that first as your content could be found even though your profile doesn't exist. There might be trails in the companies server that could lead to your deleted account.


Bread crumbs. Let me explain with a different example.

  • HDD

If you own a HDD or external HDD and you one day find out that your hacking identity could be blown, you immediately have to wipe all your shit. So you delete all your files from your HDD but let me tell you something right now, that data isn't lost. It can easily be recovered with enough skill of course.


Just like many companies TOS (Terms of Service) They keep your data like Snapchat for example. Who recently updated their policy and are now legally allowed to keep modify promote and 10 more of these words with your data. When you delete something, ask yourself; is it really gone?

  • SSD

However the SSD drive is more complex than that. If you delete something on there, it will be lost, but it is possible to recover it, but will be much harder, much harder.

And thats the whole point of hacking right? Making everything pointless to even try and recover. Which is another thing ill get into in a different post.

So back to what we we're talking about.

Bread Crumbs:

Bread crumbs are basically deleted files that can potentially be recovered again with enough skill, a lot of fucking skill. And thats how your deleted account could possible be recovered if you don't take proper precautions.

  • SIDE NOTE: Bread crumbs might be known under a different term, but this is the term I believe it's known as.


That was it for the first step in my series. There will obviously be a lot more to come, and I hope you will stay tuned for the rest, because being anonymous is a big part of being a hacker.

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I spend a lot of time today reading stuff on null-byte.You tell to erase social media account like facebook , twitter and all other stuff. But If we are already someone on the internet can we really hide ourself ?

( And I'm sorry if the english seem bad , not my native language)

You can't just delete anything from the internet. Once it's there, it will be forever stored somewhere, even if you make it to delete, there will be always a backup somewhere, or will be reposted by others that saved that information before it was deleted.

The matter is how to keep completly separated your public internet life from your hacking activity. This means using VMs, VPNs, possibly different hardware as well, and make so that the two identities won't collide, even if one of that identities gets compromised.

Top tier would be not having your real identity on the internet at all, in any form, but for most people this seems impossible. New generations are growing in a world where if you don't have a Facebook or Istagram you are nothing.

Big names want your all life online, your pictures, your location, your files, your friends, your tastes... People should just learn to say NO. But that's not gonna happen, as people don't value their own privacy.

But today it's very difficult to stay anonymous.
Everything is collecting data...
Imagine yourself having a website you have to write all your adresses in the about or you can get in trouble.

I think the best way is to establish a border between the hacking things you do and your other personal life in the internet.


It's not just a matter of establishing, it's a matter of actively defend it !

Everything is collecting data... true, and too bad. Some of those data about us are really information we willingly want to share, many other, is just sent without us even knowing it.

Try for example to connect your smartphone to your wifi network and just passively sniff traffic. Same applies for your computer. Do it for a day, then spend one more day (or a few days) to analyze it. Well, this is what happens EVERY day, and has been happening from a long time.

I won't spoil you then fun, but it's quire amusing

I know, but it's quite hard :D

A lot of accounts I have created in the past can not be deleted so there's my damn emailadress and a password saved for years :D

Just want to delete them all.

Can someone explain me this:

"But you could also just spam your own email with an email bomber so the data will be lost and then change password to something more than 30 characters." - Quote: TypoGuy

Wouldn't I get than in trouble with my email provider? :D
Any kind of tactic to kill old accounts with no delete opportunity?

Great site to look if its easy or impossible to delete an account.
Recommend everybody to take a look at it ;)


You have a very good point there. However if you dont want to risk it, you would delete the website also.

I agree with TripHat that nowadays, we need to have two identities that won't collide. Well said. I feel pursuing total anonymity with one identity is a blind ally that leads nowhere. Complete waste of time. But being aware of what you are really doing with social media...now that's something to educate yourself on.

You are true Triphat. However it is possible to remove your data from places where they would be stored, as you stated. If you want to take the time to crack the server or database and manually remove yourself from their system incl. backups if thats the case also, then you will be removed completely.

Remember that when a hacker sets himself a goal, the hacker will always achieve it. It might take an hour 3 days or a year. but eventually he will succeed.

Yeah, endurance is a key element for success, but still there are a lot of factors that make the goal near impossible:

  • if you just make it to delete yourself, and for some reason you make a single mistake, or leave behind just one backup, it will be crystal clear who is the perpetrator of the attack. So you don't delete just yourself, but possibly thousands people to create a sort of smokescreen around you (it's fine when you want to delete yourself, but it's not fine when you have to destroy other people's data on the way).
  • Backups are not always online, they could be possibly stored in offline vaults, so physical access is needed (good luck entering Steel Mountain before your data is delivered to other five unknown locations)
  • 3rd party services might cache your data for advertisement or archive purpose, making your informations exponentially exposed, backed up, and disseminated in servers (and offline backups) around the world.
  • Spy agencies also possibly have a record of it, as they actively and passively collect a hugeload of traffic every second. I've seen underground NSA data centers that are bigger than my town. Steel Mountain's workers might not shoot you at sight, but those will.

These are just a few key factors that should make one think that it's better NOT putting your information out in the first place. And whenever they are already there, just fly under the radar and keep your real identity on a completly different channel than your hacking life.

not sure if I understand your question completely. But no I am not telling you to delete your social accounts. I'm saying if you delete your social accounts it will benefit your hacking identity.

I am really excited for this series, TypoGuy.
I personally love exploring the concept of anonymity and how it can be applied in real world situations.

I will be closely following this series!

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