How To: Use a UDP - Flooder (LAGSWITCH!)

Use a UDP - Flooder (LAGSWITCH!)

Welcome back My sleepless army of young hackers,
Everyone uses internet, right? So for this tutorial, i'll start with the basics and slowly we'll get to the UPD Protocol.

Different Protocols

The internet is like a freeway. There are certain rules just like driving to fast or ignoring a red traffic light. These rules are usually checked by the police. In our case, the rules are checked by protocols. Protocols "say" what can- and can't be done.

the most famous protocol is the IP - protocol. This is the most common one you''ll come across. But there are more. Two other ones are:

Let's start with the actual tutorial!

TCP - Transmission Control Protocol

This protocol is used when you want to send something over the internet and you want to make sure absolutely NO bits are lost.


When we are sending an e -mail to someone we want the e-mail to arrive with the same text as the original. So in order to verify that, TCP sends a conformation to you'r computer telling that the e-mail was complete. If it wasn't, the computer will send those bits again. So TCP basically makes sure ALL data was received!

UDP - User Datagram Protocol

This protocol is used when you don't actually care about those few bits that were lost in the process of sending/receiving.


Imagine yourself playing the popular game call of duty MW3. What happens when you use TCP? Well, every time the client sends something (when a bullet is fired, when you move) the host will confirm it by checking back at the client. I'll go ahead and assume that many of you guys use skype, right? What will happen to your conversation if the computers contently check everything. So that's where UDP comes in the picture. You still want to send something, But data loss is acceptable.

So Why a UDP - Flooder?

Once again i want to bring back those old memories of you playing Call of duty MW3, or any other online game. Imagine you'r the host and you'r playing COD on internet connection {A}. Now you and all you'r four brothers are all making a Skype call and simultaneously browsing YouTube, listening to your favorite hard-style ;). What will happen to those poor connected clients? I'll tell you, They will LAG like hell.

OMG So that's where the LAG come's from?!

Now, lag in most cases is annoying as beep. But let's use our hacker mindset here. What beneficial things are we able to get using "LAG?"


Some of you may be familiar with this, others not. A lagswitch is nothing more then a udp flooder and is used to gain the upper hand in online gaming matches. It works because you, as host, won't lag at all while the clients won't probably be able to move :). So how can we make a Lagswitch in Linux?

Step 1: Download, Extract & Install the Files

We''ll be using a nifty little program called Fudp.

So download and extract it. Once you'r finished with that, Go to that location and open a terminal session. Once in terminal issue the command sudo make

Now you're done and Fudp is successfully installed on your Linux Computer!

Step 2: Using Fudp

While still in the folder with you'r terminal session, issue the following command to use Fudp:
Now that was easy, wasn't it?

Now you can go ahead and use you'r lagswitch in-game. If you just use the above command, fudp will show you all the available parameters.

(If you want a COD lagswitch issue ./fudp

Almost Done...

I hope everyone learnt something today! (and not only how to cheat ;))
Have a good day and be ready for more!

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how can i do this to my friends on teamspeak?
and how i can get a ip using teamspeak or facebook?

For example, my friend's ip is 155.55.xx.xx, what do i have to do to give lag to this ip?

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