How To: Use Your Android as a Hacking Platform:Part 1 Getting Your Android Ready.

Use Your Android as a Hacking Platform:Part 1 Getting Your Android Ready.

Hey guys I am starting this Series because I thought there was a lack of post about Hacking from Android.
In This series I will tell you about That your Android can really be used for hacking just like your other systems.

So in the first of the many posts I will be telling how exactly you can prepare your Android. Android is an OS which is locked down very deeply inside and Gives only a few permissions. So to use all the exploits (or apps) which we want to use we need to get special permissions. We can exactly do this by ROOTING your phone, Now rooting is a method to unlock your android at deepest level.

Now rooting void your guarantee ( but you can always unroot your phone and company wont get any notice of that)

Nowadays rooting is one of the simplest thing in today's world.

With apps like Framaroot, kingroot and several special root packages From XDA developers (if your phone doesn,t support both of the above apps) you can root your phone in like 1-2 mins.

Rooting your OS helps you to run several several apps which you weren't allowed before. And these apps can really be helpful.

I will tell you guys about them in my upcoming posts.

So to root your phone

Go to google and search if your phoe is supported by framaroot or kingroot. ( just type on google- Rooting "your phone model name" by kingroot/framaroot. and search)

You will get the whole procedure to root your phone there.
I am not providing tutorial here because i cannot cover every smartphone in one post.
But if your phone does not support both of the apps don't worry
Friends at XDA have special rooting package for your phone.
Just type in google's search box-Root " your phone model name" .

I am providing links to direct download These above stated apps
So you don't have to bother.

Framaroot latest apk -

Kingroot latest apk -

XDA forum -

In my upcoming posts I will introduce you to step by step to the world of Hacking on ANDROID.

P.S.- 1.If you are having some problems with rooting, comment below
2.If you have some doubts about rooting feel free to ask.

  1. If links get dead Comment below or message me I will change them

In the end Its my duty to make you aware about some problems which can be caused by rooting (Chances of which are 2 in 10000)

So i mean its not likely. But you may wanna take some precautions.

Compatibility list of framaroot -

Tutorial for Frama root-

Tutorial for Kingroot -

With the help of kingroot and framaroot you can unroot too.
In case you want to.

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Doesn't rooting android puts it at a high rate of risk ?!

It was a risk a few years back when the special rooting packages were incomplete and lacked some important files.
But nowadays probability of getting our phone bricked is negligible.

I have been using all types of apps on my original phone and my other temporary phone is the one of the first smartphone (galaxy pocket)

and nothing has ever happened to both of my phones.

Also not installing every retarted app in the playstore helps a lot.

For those of you that do not dare to play with your phone, you can just use the Android Emulator. It has root access enable by default.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve it might be enough

Yes we can, PICO but the whole point of this series is that to reduce usage of your other systems and Using our mobile instead which is handy can be taken anywhere without much notice.

and Does the same work

Very nice! These tutorials will be handy since a phone can be carried everywhere!

Thanks rozalin will try to do my best

Hi...I'm new to this site. Anyone pls let me know where I can find the continuation of this series.

Sorry dude but i didnt continue this series i am busy right now finishing a project will continue this series next year.

Still this year?:D

I am using Lenovo Vibe K5 note. Help me root my phone

Can u give link
of second part

Doesn't rooting create an opening for risk factors for the system?.

How to root samsung j2 pro . I have tryed so much but at the end it failed. And i have use of all apk as well as pc version.

This post sucks! No follow up and speaks nothing of Android as a hacking platform. It should be called rooting (or a reference section of links to learn how) an Android. Definitely should have thought of the naming convention and used this post as a reference link when you did decide on continuing it (however many more years that will be).

Bro when i install those root app my phone say failed to install what can i do for it??

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