How To: VBScript for DDosing Sites

VBScript for DDosing Sites

Hello Guys, Today I have made a script for ddosing sites with VBScript! And I don't know how you guys do it, but I've made a script that refreshes the page in a chosen amout of milliseconds. And if you want it a number of times or if you want it to go on and on. And this is a script to run it on your botnet. But again I don't know if this works on your botnet too.

The VBScript of Course.

' Go To The Site You Choose
Site = InputBox("What Site To DDos?", "What Site")
Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Return = WshShell.Run(Site, 1)

' Speed Of Reloading
Speed = InputBox("How Fast In MiliSeconds Needs It To Be Reloaded", "How Fast")

' Choose If You Want Infinative Or A Amount Of Number The Site Reload

If MsgBox("Do You Want to Infinative Reload Or A Number Of Times?" & vbNewLine & "Yes For Infinative" & vbNewLine & "No For A Number Of Times", vbYesNo + vbQuestion, "Infinative Or Number?") = vbYes Then

' Infinative
Inf = 0
WScript.Sleep Speed
WshShell.SendKeys "{F5}"
Loop Until Inf = 1

' Reload The Site
Num = InputBox("How Many Times Do You Want To Reload?" & vbNewline & "Only Put A Number In.", "How Many Times")
For i = 0 to Num
WScript.Sleep Speed
WshShell.SendKeys "{F5}"

' End Of Script When vbNo Is Pressed
MsgBox "The DDos Is Done", 1024, "End DDos Done"
End If

And here's how it supposed to look like:

The Explaination.

Ok, So now I'm going to explain the commends, cuz why not.

The ' Command:

This command is used to make a commend in the script. so if you take the command line ' Speed Of Reloading for example it does nothing, so it is just for the person who examens the code a reminder

The Something = Something Command

This command is used to set a variable, and the variable name can be anything actually. After the = character comes the object you want it to be, and is pretty handy. For example you want 2 or more things to have the same input at ones. Like you want 2 message boxes but don't want 2 input boxes but one so you say:

Message = InputBox("Type Your Message")
MsgBox Message
MsgBox Message
and that's basically what it is.

The InputBox() Command

This command is used to make a pop-up box where you can type something into. The Syntax is: InputBox(prompt, title, default , xpos, ypos, helpfile, context)

The If..Then..Else Command
This is used to do/activate things when a specific case is so. The syntax is:
If condition Then Statements Else Else-Statements End If
for example if you have a messagebox with a yes and no button and you want to respond to it would be
if MsgBox("Do You Want To Be Friends?", vbYesNo, "") = vbYes Then MsgBox("Yippeee We Are Friends", 1024, "")
MsgBox("Well I Thought It Was Going So Wel Between Us", 1024, "")
That's It

The MsgBox Command
This command is used to popup a box with a message. The syntax is:
MsgBox(prompt , buttons, title , helpfile, context).
Imagine you want a popup box that says something then would the code be:
MsgBox("Your Message here", Here the buttons for example 1024,"Your Title Here")

The Do..Loop..Until Command
now this command is used for doing a loop until something happens. The syntax for this command is:
Loop Until (condition)
So if you want a counter that counts to 50 then would the code be:
Counter = 0
Counter = Counter + 1
Loop Until Counter = 50

The WScript.Sleep Command

This command is used to set a pause for a amound of time in milliseconds. The syntax is: Wscript.Sleep Amount of time in miliseconds

so if we want a counter as last example we just add between Do And Counter = Counter + 1 WScript.sleep 1000

The .SendKeys Command

This command is used to send a key. The syntax is: WshShell.SendKeys ("(here your key) (Here the amound of times it has to be pressed)")

So for example we need to press a 12 times the code will then be:
WshShell.SendKeys ("a" 12)

The For..Next Command

This command is used to repeat a groep or a command untill it has done a number of times. The syntax is: For i = 0 to (here your number)

For example:
count = 0
For i = 0 to 50
count = count +1

And that was it for this script! Now I'm curious if this will work on a botnet and I'm not experienced with it so can you tell me of this works for a ddos on a site. Also post your thoughts and ideas or something in the commends it would be appreciated.

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Nice Scripts, guessing you know VBScript?

You earned my kudos my friend :)

technically this is not DDoS, but still very good!
Keep it up :D

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