Weekend Homework: How to Become a Null Byte Contributor (3/16/2012)

How to Become a Null Byte Contributor (3/16/2012)

If Null Byte had a large Batman-like spotlight calling for help, we would definitely be using it right now. However, we don't, so this is my digital equivalent. Information security is a huge field, far too much for one man to cover adequately, so I need your help!

Do you code? Can you configure a switch like a pro? We are looking for contributors to join the team and help teach the rest of the community. So, check out the topics listed below and start contributing!

There is no need to be intimidated if you fear you lack the writing skills. I will give your articles a great polish, if necessary, and get them looking sharp! You don't need to be a Network Engineer to share your hard-earned knowledge with everyone!

This Week's Homework

  1. Anonymous Voice Communication - Show the community how to set up secure anonymous voice conferencing.
  2. Intro to C++ - We have plenty of entry level Python articles, we could use some more languages!
  3. How to Break WPA encryption - We all know WEP is weak, can you write us an article on breaking WPA?
  4. How to Use Snort - Write a how-to showing the install, setup, and configuration of Snort, and teach the community about IDS.
  5. Intro to Robert - We have an intro to I2PSnark, but there are better tools. Show us how to use Robert for better P2P action.
  6. The Null Byte Guide to Rainbow Tables - I hear a lot of questions about these. Can you explain what they are and walk us through creating and using them?
  7. Advanced Packet Capture - We have a great intro article on packet capture, but there is so much more. Can you expand and explain?
  8. Intro to PHP - As stated above, we could use more articles on programming. I want to build a library of study guides. Help me with that task!
  9. Metasploit: The Primer - Metasploit is a very powerful tool for today's exploitation work. It is also slightly complicated, so create a walkthrough for new users who wish to learn.
  10. How to Use Freenet - How do we get started with Freenet? How is it useful? Give the community another anonymity tool to work with.

As always, if you have any ideas I have not mentioned, visit our forum, shoot me a line, or leave a comment here!

How Else Can I Help?

It would be great to get to know the community better and hear your ideas on the future of Null Byte. I look forward to discussing information security with you in the forum!

If you have the skills and want to share your knowledge on any of the topics above, please leave a response in the comments with which topic you'd like to write about, or message me privately. If you have any additional ideas at all, please submit them below. You might have a better idea.

And one last thing—if you come across a great news article or some helpful links, please post them to our Community Corkboard to share with everyone!

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Late but, does it need to be C ++ or can it be C?

I don't think it matters, as long as it's not Python. Could be C++, C, Ruby, AppleScript, C#, or any other language that's not Python. :)

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