How To: Your Personal Program [ NOTEPAD++] Written in PHP

Your Personal Program [ NOTEPAD++] Written in PHP

Hello friends, I'm new in world of web developing. so, i decided to code my own program to save and read my personal notes and which is also secure, so i dont need to worry :) if you have any suggestions please fell free to tell :)

1 Login UI first we need to login

2 MAIN Program


If you want to try my script :


Coupl'a questions...

How secure is it? What encryption is used?
Can we please have a peek at the source code?
And as a note, you might want to change the name, as there's already a Notepad++, and I think it is licensed.

BTW, do you know if there's a native linux version for N++, Phoenix?

I don't overly like wine, but the features of Notepad++ on Windows sort-of make it emacs-like. And, hell, emacs is just about four steps before Butterflies!

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