You're Being Tracked: How Google Inc. Spies on Your Every Digital Move

How Google Inc. Spies on Your Every Digital Move

The biggest corporation we know today is called Google, I bet you've heard of it yeah?

How Google Tracks You:

Google are stacked with money for decades, and even with that at their disposal, that wasn't enough. They thought hey, even though we have products being sold world wide, let's steal all the information from our customers and sell it to other distributions because profit right?

Well, i'm here to enlighen you on this major dilemma that I think is just unacceptably viciously relentlessly unnecessary. Yeah Typo knows sophisticated words (:

Let's start with their browser called Google Chrome

How Google Chrome Is Stealing All Your Info:

This is probably the most widely used browser aside from Safari, and it's free to download like every other browser. Now, one thing millions of people doesn't realize is that this browser has been made by Google therefore they know the code, we don't. That being said, we don't know what this browser is capable of snooping on since the code is 'privately owned by Google'

To me that's reasonable enough but raises quite the suspiciousness for most hackers.

Anyway, every time you use this browser you are letting Google have a first hand look at your digital activities. Think of it is one giant cookie because that's pretty much what it is. It's sending all your keystrokes history downloads everything to our friend Google.


Now, you're probably intimidated and want to run off to say Firefox? an open source browser that is being run by a non-profit organization. Well, smart move but not so fast buddy.

Even though Firefox' code is open source and viewable to anyone who wishes to examine it, Google still knows it's way around corners like these.

It's believed that Google has made a major list of every website existing on the WWW, and that list contains a websites reliability. Meaning that every time you visit a website through Google's search engine, it uses this list to scan the website before you actually visit it, which means Google is alerted every time you click your mouse button. And guess what, Firefox uses this list too, which means Google is alerted once again. Even though you didn't even use their product.

There has been controversy on whether or not this list has been legally made, because Google has not been officially given proper authority to create such a list


Again our beloved YouTube which was bought by Google Inc. some years back are obviously a platform Google uses to harvest as much data off you as possible. Don't really need to go into much more detail other than telling you everything you watch on YouTube, is being sent straigh off to Google.


Now to the interesting part. Google is reading every single one of your emails, even if you don't own a Gmail account, and here's how. So listen up to you Yahoo Hotmail users out there also.

Every time you send an email to someone with a Gmail account, Google scans the entire content of that email and makes a copy on their servers. They also scan your correspondents, incoming mails unsaved or saved drafts, deleted emails, it really doesn't matter, they have it on their servers.

Google Maps:

This is quite interesting, because Google has made some digging on your information right outside your house without you even knowing it. For years Google Maps has existed and yeah they have taken pictures of your home and publicly made it available for everybody in the entire world to see, but they didn't stop there.

While they were sitting outside their house in their Google Cars, they were actually hacking the unencrypted WiFis and had a look at your passwords history emails financial info etc. and what else they stumbled upon.

The FCC found out and fined them $ 25 000.

Google Analytics:

Also you probably know about Google Analytics well, guess what, Google is using this to harvest your info too. As if it isn't enough already with everything else.

Over half the worlds website are using Google Analytics to see who visits their web page, and guess what the big eyed Google is tracking every single one of these websites.


If you own a profile on this thing delete it. This is to put it simply, Google's gold mine to harvest your info.

How Can This Be Legal?

Well, it technically can't and Google have been fighting several fines on this, even up to millions of dollars, they just don't tell you.

But, as many of you know Google think they are slick, which on some levels they are or maybe you're just not that interested in knowing what Google is up to. Well, how Google managed to stay on their feet after stealing so much data on millions of users world wide was because they actually did tell you they were going to do this. In their

Terms of Service they have officially stated that "by using any of our Google products you here by agree to us unlimited access to your information" more or less at least.

Well Typo How Can I Prevent Google from Tracking Me?

To put it simple, it's close to impossible.

You really need to take drastic measures to accomplish anonymity from the biggest corporation but, i'll tell you what I would do.

  1. First buy a new PC doesn't matter which one I would go with Apple though. Wipe the entire OS and install Ubuntu on it.
  1. Then install Kali on a USB
  1. Install Whonix & Tails
  1. Purchase at least 4 VPN's from countries US doesn't have any jurisdiction in.
  1. Install dozens of extensions to prevent cookies and websites from tracking you.
  1. Use DuckDuckGo

Of course all of this has to be done and purchased anonymously but that is too complex to break down in detail.

Hopefully you learned a lot and know that even though Google is making tons of money, greedy men in suits are always the ones with the most power.

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I believe that big tech giants such as Google and others track our data. But we can't throw mud on their faces unless we have evidence to back us up. No offense Typo, just my opinion.

I'm sure. I never doubted you. Can you message me the sources please. Thanks :)

I agree with Azdan that they track data. But on the other side of the coin, Google is working on 100% encryption in transit and at rest. Also, I believe the whole Google car wifi thing was an honest mistake. First of all, it only sniffed open wifi (which you shouldn't be doing personal stuff on anyway) and it was using it for GPS location/accuracy.

I do agree though that it is important to know when your data is being watched. so +1 for that

I understand your concern for my use of sources, and I understand that is reasonable enough. However, you can't ignore the obvious when it comes to Google, and I wouldn't provide this information without knowing that my intel is accurate.

Yes of course Typo..Sorry if my comment came out the wrong way.

What about Android? Any thoughts?

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