Zanti: Introduction


I've been doing tutorials on Rasberry Pi and I would like to thank everyone that have both read the tutorials and gave me feedback on how well I'm doing. But now I've decided to take a small break and start a mini series that I'm hoping to be at least five tutorials. This doesn't mean I'm gonna stop posting Raspberry Pi tutorials, but since I'm learning so much at the same time I've decided to share some of that knowledge. Hence this tutorial. Please sit back, relax and read on.


This tutorial I'm gonna introduce a very powerful android tool, Zanti. This tool is a collection of multiple tools, just naming a few:

  • MiTM- man in the middle attack
  • Scan- scan your network
  • Measures and Asses vulnerabilites

Zanti in itself is a very powerful tool that I believe all hackers should at least understand how it works. With that being said, grab a Android phone and make sure third party app downloads is enabled.


Obviously the first step is to install Zanti, so go to the main Website and you need to type in your email into the box that ask for your email. Once you hit download, a message should pop up saying that a download link is being sent to the email. Please be patient since it does take a bit to actually get the email containing the link.

Once you get the link and click it, you should be able to download it. Depending on your file system you should be able to click on the finish app when you swipe down the menu at the top of your phone. In the past I did have issues installing it from the link, but I believe that was only because I had a corrupt download so please if you get a error saying it can't install the apk, please try to download it again. If successful you should be able to launch the app from your apps, its a app with a orange 'Z' with a black background. The first time you would have to go through a little introduction, but afterwards it should we fully operable.


I know this is a relatively short tutorial, but this is only the beginning and I'm planning on posting several tutorials explaining how to use the many features of Zanti itself. Now please give me feedback and shower me down with some lovins. Cheers. :D

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Zanti has beautifully integrated nmap into the sleek interface. The many features on offer, including download hijacking, are neat, although I would love to see "Kill Connections" ported from dSploit.

Are you familiar with dSploit? Perhaps you could consider making a tutorial on it, or have it alongside Zanti to compare the two. Just a suggestion, as I'm sure you would do a great job at it.


I'm fairly certain that the developers of Zanti once stated that dSploit was to be integrated into Zanti 2.


You are correct, I remember Simone's tweet on it and I was eager to try it out. The one feature they didn't retain was "Kill Connections", which I find quite unfortunate.


A simple MitM without enable IP forwarding will do the same trick.


I'll look into it. :)

I had that on my old phone some time ago,
while it is powerful, it doesn't work if your phone isn't rooted.

hmm, looks interesting. Will have to give it a try, never heard of it until I read this.

I guess you should have added more about the background of zAnti, and some more details about what it is.

It seems a good app, but I don't usually have any open WiFi networks to go check it, so I can't be sure. Though I have it, just in case.

-The Joker

I do apologize for the lack of background, but at the time of writing I was in a bit of a hurry. :/

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