How To: Bind Dendroid Apk with Another Apk

Bind Dendroid Apk with Another Apk

I recently posted a Tutorial about setting up Dendroid: I have worked the last 5 days on getting the Dendroid Binder, given with the Dendroid Source, working. This solution only works on Windows systems!

Decompiling the 2 Apks

First you have to follow these instructions to get Apktool ready. Now you have to chose the Apk which u want to use for hiding your Dendroid RAT. Then use this command for decompiling the Dendroid Apk:

apktool.bat d <Path to your Dendroid Apk>
For example:
apktool.bat d F:\Dendroid.apk

And for your hiding Apk:
apktool.bat d <Path to your Hiding Apk>

Last Steps

Now navigate to your Users Directory for example C:\Users\Thogs And search for the 2 Folders named like your Decompiled Apks. In the Dendroid Folder Copy all Files of the Smali Folder into the Smali Folder of the Hiding Apk. If it asks for replacement click Ok. Then download my Dendroid Binder from here. Download Visual Basic (German Site, but download will work. If you get problems with the language search for another download). Now open Visual Basic and import the Project with File>open Project>(Your Dendroid Binder Path) and then select one of the project files. Now click the start button on top. The Tool should start, where you have to select the Folder of your modified Hiding Apk. Now click Button1!


You have just binded the 2 Apks in one Stealth Apk, which is located in the Hiding Folder>dist directory. After the victim has installed your Apk it has to reboot the Phone and then you should get a connection shown up on your Dendroid Webpanel. To get the victim rebooting the system is your social-engineering homework today ;)


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Is this detectable by anti-virusses? (do not try to test it on virus total though) just tell me if you know about.

I didn't try it on an Android phone with any Anti-Viruses, so I can just guess, but I think this should be detected, because Dendroid is 1 year old. Although I don't know how protected phones will react I can promise that it will work on unprotected phones fluently! It would be useful if someone could try this on a protected phone and comment on that here.

Well, I use McAfee Antivirus and it detects this malicious apk instantly !!

Nice Tut again Thog!

Quick question though, couldn't we just take the dendroid APK and copy it to kali and use Apktool thats built in, to bind the two APKs? (for those that prefer using kali to do these things)

If I understand correctly that should be no problem.

Of the topic but, did you successfully bindi metasploit apk with a legit one? @bart

If you know a method to bind 2 Apks with Apktool this should be no problem. I don't know such a solution.

Thanks for your response! and what about when the host apk is un-installed? does the dendroid app go too? do you know of a way to include it and make it run parallel and not get un-installed?

This technic is already integrated :) If your host Apk is un-installed, Dendroid will work further on.

hello thogs...! i wana purchase this dendroid but i need to ask some questions;
1- can the file installed in android be trasnferred through whatsapp?
2- can the file hidden??
3- can the app work after deletion of that file from android phone?

Hi, thanks for the info, but i can't bind the Apk. I selected the folder of my hidding apk and then i clicked Button1, but i don't have the new apk.

Injecting Dendrorat Source.
AndroidManifest.xml Done.
Building Injected APK.

warning: string 'findpeoplepromotedchatsupdates' has no default translation.
warning: string 'galleryvideo' has no default translation.
warning: string 'notification
tickernewconvowith' has no default translation.
Job Completed!

What should i do right now? , thank you.

i had issues with the binder using any other version then apk tool v2.0.1
i also have to manually sign the apks using apk-signer 1.8.5


I Believe The APKBinder Link Is Broken.
Would You Please Fix It Soon ?

The apk binder folder provided in open source download file in your dendroid setting up tutorial is a modified tool which is incomplete and codes are deleted, your own binding tool is not accessible, either. Any solutions?

I need help to bind my Dendroid.apk with other apk.

Please can u reupload the apk binder the link has been closed

hello friends
APKBinder is not available
what to do now?????????????!!!!!

not good for android 5 and above !

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