How To: Setup Dendroid (Android RAT)

Setup Dendroid (Android RAT)

This is my first How-To on Null-Byte, so I hope it's not too complicated written, because I am not a native english speaker. I don't use pictures, but this Tutorial is a good supplement for my updated Tutorial here.

This Tutorial shows you how to set up the old (First leaked in March 2014) but functional Remote Administration Tool for Android "Dendroid". It was first offered on black markets for 300$, but after the leak you can get it for free: If you prefer Open-Source Tools you can either use the github Link:

If you need some pictures of the whole process you can use


First you need the Dendroid Source, given abouth.

Then you need the Android SDK and Eclipse with Android ADT: SDK Tools Only and Android ADT for Eclipse (Of course you need Eclipse too). Installation of them is explained later.

And at least you need a Webserver with PHP and MySql. For example

Setting Up the Web Panel

I will use as an example for setting up the webserver:

  1. Create an Account (The username is the Domain of your Server)
  2. Now You see the control panel of your Webserver
  3. Navigate to and add a MySql database
  4. Now go to phpmyadmin (phpmyadmin.<username>
  5. Select your Database on the left side of phpmyadmin and then click on import at the top and add the Sql file located in Dendroid>Dendroid Panel>Other files. This should add the required Tables

Navigate to the Dendroid Panel Folder and then to the Folder "Panel". Open applysettings.php, blockbot.php ,deletebot.php ,deletefile.php ,deletepics.php ,functions.php, table.php, clearawaiting.php, clearmessages.php In your text editor of your choice. In every file you will see $url = ""; Change this adress with the adress of your Webserver, for example: $url = "";

Open get.php, get-functions.php, new-upload.php ,upload-pictures.php ,find the line { if($GET'Password' == "keylimepie") } Change keylimepie to your Database password assigned in Step 3

Open reg.php and delete the script. The whole Script has to be this:
$validDomain = "true";

Now control the files whether they are correct configured. If they are wrong configured Dendroid wont work!


If you are sure everything went right, you have to upload the content of the folder Dendroid Panel to your webserver. I suggest to use FileZilla, which is easy to understand. For example if you use bplaced, the login credentials are: Server: <username> Username: <username> Password: Password of your bplaced account ,Leave the port field blank

On the left side you can see your files and on the right side you see the files of your webserver. Delete the Files of your webserver and then copy the content of your Dendroid Panel folder to the webserver.

Dendroid Setup

Navigate in your browser to your webserver <username>
You should be greeted with a setup form.
The required Settings:
Database Username: Your username of the Sql Database
Database Password: Your Password of the Sql Database
Database Host: Host of your Sql Database (In localhost)
Database Name: Your Database name (In Username of your account)
Bot List Refresh Time & File List Refresh Time & Message Box Refresh Time: Set all to 10
Username: Use the username you want to use for logging in to the control panel
Password: Same for the Password
Bot Offline Time: 10
Time Zone: Is clear, isn`t it?
Message Box Font Size: 10

Now continue

Setting Up the Dendroid Apk

Now you have to open the SDK Manager you have downloaded at the start. You can download everything you want, but important is the API 10.

Set up the ADT for Eclipse. This is a good Tutorial for this: Follow the instructions till step 9.

Click File > New > Project > Android > Android Project From Existing Code > Next > Browse > Open the path to the Dendroid source then Dendroid Apk > Finish

Click the Drop Down Arrow for Dendroid > src > com.connect > Then click MyService To Open it.

Use to encode your url and the Password of your webserver. Change the variables encodedURL and backupURL to your encoded webserver URL, but pay attention that you use for example and not

This is required to get Dendroid running.
Paste the encoded Password in the Password Field.

Now click on project>properties. Here you have to ckeck the API level 10 or Android 2.3.3, to get compiling working.

Click on your project in the project Manager on the left side of Eclipse and press F2 to rename the Project to "Dendroid". Then Click File > Export > Android > Export Android Application > Select Dendroid.

Click Ok, then next. Now check "Create new keystore". The location and the password don't matter. Click next again, then use everything as name and password. The validity can be 1000 Years. Now you can change the destination of the output apk and finish the compilation.

Optional: Binding the Dendroid Apk to Another Apk

I recently developed a method to bind the Dendroid Apk with another Apk. You can find the Post here! The Hiding Apk will work as well as installed without Dendroid, so the victim wont identify the payload.


You just completed the setup of Dendroid apk. If you have Problems or get Errors when following these Instructions feel free to pm me. I will try to help as much as I can!


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i get error MySQL said:

#1046 - No database selected
when uploading SQL.sql

Did you clicked on your created database on the left side of phpmyadmin?

Hey Thogs i have some questions it will be really helpful if you answer my questions
1)Is Dendroid fully functional with its features ?
2)How can i do it on my localhost
Help would be really appreciated

1)Yes, Dendroid works perfectly when installed properly.

2)You have to setup a Webserver on your localhost with MySql and for easier Database creation phpmyadmin installed, but why you want to use it? You can get a Webserver for free, without ads online, for example

Hey Thogs thank you very much for your great response

I had a query is there a way to make your dendroid apk hidden on the android phone.So it is not seen by the user in the apps.

You can bind the Dendroid Apk to another Apk (for example Whatsapp or Angry Birds or whatever you want) and so it works hidden. The Apk which you use as binder is also installed and works.

When start android app on phone i got a message like: flash player stoped... and dont run after that

Can you send me your Dendroid APK Source Code? I will try to look for the Error, because its difficult to understand the Mistake without seeing the Source.

can you tell me how to set up the dendroid apk binder please .

I am currently working on a method to bind the Dendroid Apk to another Apk, because the Apk Binder given with the Dendroid Source don't works properly (or I'm too stupid to get the Tool running ;) ). In the next days I should write a Post about this Topic.

i understand ... thank you very much and it would be great if work faster cause i really need it asap ;)

Currently I'm working 4 hours a day on this topic ;)

Error!: SQLSTATEHY000 2002 Connection timed out
sir i have this problem how to solve this???????

I am finished with rewriting the Apk Binder :) See the How-To here

Hey Thogs where is the apk binder the above link opens an android image and nothing else :(

Sry copied wrong Link :) Edited the comment with the right one, but this will work too.

I Have successfully uploaded the panel...when i open it I am getting step 1 after filling all of them and clicking continue i am getting the same welcome page..please help me out...asap

Thank you..awesome post

Try to delete the setup folder after completion of the setup. If this doesn't help, send me your webserver URL please, then I can have a better look on this.

Thogs, great tutorial! I followed it exactly how it was written. I had no errors on any of the steps, even installing .apk was good. But I get nothing when Im at the control panel. I rebooted phone, pressed the .apk to try and activate it, but still nothing. I went over the steps again and again. Any ideas what I should check? Thanks in advance!

Use to encode your url and the Password of your webserver. Change the variables encodedURL and backupURL to your encoded webserver URL, but pay attention that you use for example and not

This is required to get Dendroid running.
Paste the encoded Password in the Password Field.

You should take a deeper look on this part. If the problem persists you can send me your sourcecode and I will try to find the mistake.

Hey Thogs! I actually found what I did wrong. In your tutorial you wrote to upload the contents of the panel folder. Well I uploaded the whole folder. when I deleted that folder and separately uploaded the contents everything seems to work great. So Thank you for that!! But when the panel commands say for example- file uploaded or picture created. I dont know where or how to view the files. I viewed a few text that was intercepted. but actual files or images I dont know where they go. Thanks

Take a look in the dlfiles folder on your Webserver, they should be there. You can use Filezilla for that.

You should probably cite the sources of where you obtained this information. A good majority of this is copied word for word from places which date back to 2014.

I updated the way of setting up Dendroid, because the 2014 way didn't work anymore. You can look for some steps I added, which weren't in the old posts.

I'm having issues with the control panel. Gives an error

me too am having issues with control panel.i have set everything right but when i log in the credentials to access control panel i get this error "Error!: SQLSTATEHY000 2003 Can't connect to MySQL server on **** (110)

i have tried all options of trying to reconfigure my.cnf but still same error.what might be the problem?

What did you used as input for the MySQL Server field?

i was using my own server but now i have tried even followed evrything and now getting almost same error

"Error!: SQLSTATEHY000 2002 Connection timed out"

what am i not doing right

this is what i get when i log in the control panel


thanks for the great toturial.i did every thing,and it works fine but no file can be uploaded,i've created the dlfiles and all the permitions are 777,it says file uploded but nothing happend,plz help


thanks for the guide. ive got everything setup and added an apk to my phone and i can see the bot. but when i press a command, none work. i can see view awaiting commands but nothing runs or shows up. anyhelp would be great thanks


probably their is no connection between the app and the server
check the coded url or password
try to run the apk while connecting ur phone to android studio so that you can see what happen inside the app

thanks for reply.

i can see the bot active so there must be a connection somewhere. and i used esclipse to to compile apk with the url and password and im 100% they are right. also the gps works but no commands are issued. and ive not really used android studio only the esclipse for the apk.


ok i see
when you apply any command ,its stays all the time in the awaiting command??

yes thats all it says

i got it working cheers anyways

i have the same problem here.. what did u do bro? plz help!!!

Hi Thogs, I have everything working but How do I get the recorded calls audio or intercept sms ? Upload calls or audio? I been trying both. I dont see audio in dll files. thanks in advance!

Correct me if im wrong but you once they have done recording, you click upload files first and it gives you option to download to the dll files

I've followed the tutorial step by step but am having two problems regarding it:
1) I installed it to my own phone (ANdroid 5.0) and when I open the app it says "Flash Player has stopped Working"
2) In Control Panal There's No Client Shown and I see the following eror

Help me to Solve the Issue...

Not to be a pain but redo it all again and check your php files make sure your host is correct. i found this video

its a very good guide

Hey! i'm having a problem regarding APK of the Rat. The Generated Apk never worked for me. Every time I install, it installs successfully but when I try to run (open) it says "Flash Player has Stopped"

I have tried various APIs including API 10. API 21 and API 23 but none of them worked. Help me solve the issue.

Tried to connect using filezilla , I have windows 10 but it forces me to add the port number to which I have no idea what it is..I can't leave it blank.

It tells me connecting ...connected , waiting for authentication and then connection has closed.. I dont understand why? It's the same even when I turn off my firewall as well

when i'm trying to export the dendriod apk from eclipse it is saying "project has compilation errors" please reply asap..

hey. tnx for your awesome tutorial.
i setup the dendroid as you told.
but still no bots showes up.
i even tried different source codes.
but still the same.
please help me ASAP.
here is my telegram ID: @neutronm
pm me there so i can tell you the details

I did everything you told in this post but at the final I have some issues when I build the app and I send to my phone it says Adobe Flash as stopped to work and i don't know why please help me

why is that when i select "Android Project from existing code" and browse Dendroid APK and click "Finish", i get a popup error "Unhandled event loop exception" ???

how do i fix this please..

i got this error:
"(Waiting for Focus)Problem Logged in org.eclipse.ui
Message:Unhandled event loop exception
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1

Eclipse says: An issue was logged. Please send it to Eclipse for further triage.If possible specify the severity and steps to reproduce.

Do you want to report this error"

someone help?

Hey @thogstuts i finally got it "working".
The problem is, I cant see the phone on the control pannel.
Idk if the problem is because I'm testing the apk on the Genymotion emulator (Running Android 4.2.2)
I did this 3 times already, everything is 100% setup'd, I'm using the github source file, free host from Hostinger.
All the .phps are configured, all the url are ""
Url in the Source are the same one but encoded
Password in the source is the same one used in the .phps
App doesn't crash when I open it on the emulator, actually, nothing happens if I try to open it.
I dont have an phone with me right now, so I cant test.

Help Please..!

After Setting up the panel, when i log in, it shows this error..

Error!: SQLSTATEHY000 2002 php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known

i have sme this type of problem

apk compiled , setup panel set ... but as soon as I install apk on your phone and open the panel is blank , why? I checked the files and be read well, do not understand why ... site and pass nell'apk coded well ... because nothing appears in the panel ?

done everything, it shows that i've connected but commands are stuck

Same problem, idk why but I feel like codes are modified to paralyze the RAT. This source code is just a demo. You can not even bind the app, the actual menu of the Binder (check screenshots on the net) is whole different from the source code. The app generator button does not exist! Dendroid is great to check if your so called lover cheats on you. Come on not all the people do hack for the intention of crime.

Hey Thogs, I followed up your instructions up to the upload step. When I downloaded and installed the FileZilla application on my Windows PC, it only displayed the Server Address, Administrator password and port fields. I keyed in my in the Server Address field, my password in the Admin password field, and left the port field blank. when I clicked on OK, it showed a warning dialogue box saying that i could not connect without filling in the port field. i used the one they had suggested (14147), yet it doesn't connect. Plase help

Error!: SQLSTATEHY000 1044 Access denied for user 'mathen*'@'localhost' to database 'mathe4'

please help me

Hi there,

I have a (big) problem. when I open the panel, there is everywhere standing "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /users/2361987657/www/table.php on line ..."

Please help me :(

can we read viber messages through dendroid? plz reply

Please, help me! When i'm exporting the apk it says that i've 6 errors. The errors are on and on It says that it can't import com.adoe.flash13.R in both archives and it also says that it can't resolve a variable.

No error just plain no nothing. Anyone know what's wrong

i copied apk in mobile to test but it installed adobe flash.and i didnt got any client on my web server

Hey Nice Tutorial...!
I follow ur all steps but i missing something that i can't find:(

I setuped webpannel.....working fine(hosted from free hosting)

Also maked apk by following your encode url,encode backup url and encode password..( encoded url as ur instruction....last slash (/) not be included in encode)

When i install this apk in my phone then it was successfully crash appear..

But webpannel doesn't shows any devices....

What was the mistake....Plz Help Me !:)

even i had same problm can any1 help

same here. got any solution ?


Em, I was wondering how smart is the bot. Does it hide itself well on the phone? Does it ever stop responding? What are the pros and cons?

hey thogs .. i did everythimgs as u said and its all working fine and commands are also working fine but i cant see the files. amd there is no files also in me..

I am getting this message after I click the final setup button

Error!: SQLSTATEHY000 1045 Access denied for user 'prahaa'@'Server1' (using password: YES)

please suggest me what to do??

make sure you typed correct username and password in source code of panel

when i trying to build apk in eclipse it shows that

2017-12-26 14:27:09 - Dex Loader Failed to load C:\Users\HP\android-sdks\build-tools\27.0.3\lib\dx.jar

i have checked the jar file and its in there... I have reinstalled restarted doesn't work.
using jdk8

not working on android 5 and above

did you try on android 4 to 4.4 ?

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