How To: Increase TX-Power in Kali 2.0

Increase TX-Power in Kali 2.0


*Note This is my first how to post on here, so please correct anything that I have missed and let me know if anything I explained is unclear and I will try to clearify. Also I am a NOOB when it comes to this art, so I might have missed something, if so please inform me so I can better myself*

I have spent some time trying to figure out how to successfully increase my tx-power for my usb wifi adapter. Of coarse I search here, google, and anywhere else that I could think of. Every post or how-to i found got me close but not quite there. So I wanted to share my findings.

Please keep in mind than increasing your tx power past your legal limit is ILLEGAL!!!! If you choose to follows these steps and increase your tx power past your legal limit you are doing this at your own risk. I am posting this for educational purposes only!!!!.

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The most helpful article I found was on here and this is the link:

Original Post.

The link for the crda download does not work any more as the version has changed this is the new link: CDRA Download

I also followed the steps mentioned by (prags post) to install the required dependencies.

*I am not going to post all of the details from the two post links above, as you should read their posts and give Kudos were fit.*

What I found is that the crda directory is located under /lib/crda. While it was looking for a directory /usr/lib/crda, which did not exsist in my Kali 2.0 install. Keep in mind I did run all the apt-get update, upgrade, dist-upgrade.

So I created a directory in /usr/lib/ called crda. While in the /usr/lib/ directory (cd /usr/lib/) i ran

  • mkdir crda

Then cd to the new crda directory

  • cd crda

Then I copied the regulatory.bin file into my newley created /usr/lib/crda/ directory.

  • cp /lib/crda/regulatory.bin regulatory.bin

After doing this I followed the how to in the link at the top of this post. and was able to successfully increase my tx-power to 33.

Please make sure to read the original post, if questions are asked that are detailed in the original posts I will simply respond with please read original posts.

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps someone.


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Thank you, I know quite a few people are looking for this, and the highlighting in the pictures is always a nice touch, shows true effort!


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