How To: Networking Basics for the Aspiring Hacker

Networking Basics for the Aspiring Hacker

Hi there, nullbytes! I've been recently using NullByte as my only source of learning (almost) and it has proven to be really good to me.

I've compiled some of the articles about networking, and ordered them in a way that made sense to me, and I thought about sharing the list for anyone that might find it useful as well, as I haven't found much order for it (other than the anonimity & darknets 4 parts guide)

The List

1. OSI Model and Wireshark

2. How IP Addresses work

3. A Tale of Two Standards

4. How Network Packets are Routed across the Web

5. Wireshark Filters

6. Deep Web

7. Onions and Daggers

8. Hidden Services

9. The Invisible Internet

10. Tor vs. I2P

11. How the Net came to be

12. Today and Now, How it All Connects

I know there are books about this (I have downloaded some, but they bore me). I just prefer the way it's explained here :)

Any book suggestion that might finally catch my interest? Any article I'm missing in this list?

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Hey guys, soon I'll be starting college. Want to major in Computer Science. Future profession? Cyber Security or Network Architect. So where can I start? I know a lot already. I'm pretty decent with Linux I guess so don't consider me as a complete noob. Thank and love NullByte!

Hey there! You could start from this article, assuming you want to learn how to hack (as you're here...).

Also take a look at hacking for newbies article and hacker methodology article.

Or, you can click the "How to" button up there, and see if you're particularly interested in any section, or use the search bar above everything if you already know what you want to know.

Welcome to Nullbyte :)

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