Raspberry Pi: Metasploit


Before we dive into the world of frustration, I first would like to thank whoever of the admins and mods made the folder for Raspberry Pi in the How-To's, thank you. Now with that outta the way, this article is about Metasploit on Raspberry Pi (hence the title). I should say that I ran into a error, but I think I figured what the problem is. First of all this is not on Kali Linux, but on a regular Linux OS. With that said let's open up a terminal and begin.


I have looked around a bit for a guide on how to install Metasploit itself and I did find a article OTW did two years ago, but I noticed that there's a different method that I have seen in google search. The guide that I used in my opinion is a much better method (sorry OTW). You can either do my method which I will show down below or you can do OTW's method, either way the result is a functional Metasploit framework. With that being said this is one of several ways to install the framework.

To install you would need to type in a terminal these commands:

sudo su

Obviously you would first gain super user access, but you don't have to and just put 'sudo' in front of the rest of commands.

apt-get -y install build-essential zlib1g zlib1g-dev libxml2 libxml2-dev libxslt-dev locate libreadline6-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev git-core libssl-dev libyaml-dev openssl autoconf libtool ncurses-dev bison curl wget postgresql postgresql-contrib libpq-dev libapr1 libaprutil1 libsvn1 libpcap-dev

apt-get install git-core postgresql curl ruby1.9.3 nmap gem
gem install wirble sqlite3 bundler

These commands install the needed packages and gems that are essential for the framework.

cd /opt

You need to be in the opt folder, why? That's a answer for another day.

git clone https://github.com/rapid7/metasploit-framework.git

now instead of signing up to get the application on the rapid7 website, you can clone the application from github .

cd metasploit-framework
bundle install

Now the first command goes to the metasploit-framework directory, but you can't run it yet because you need to install the right bundle (hence the second command).


Once the bundle is installed, run ./msfconsole to start your now operable Metasploit application. You can move this to your bin so that you only have to type 'msfconsole' but I'm not gonna explain that since there's another article that explains it better than I can.


I should note that there are many different applications out there for exploiting, just to name a few:

There are many tools out there, just takes a bit of looking. Some of you might be wondering how this relates to Raspberry Pi, well I did this installation on my own Pi. That's how this relates to Pi and I though it was necessary to post how I did install Metasploit on my Pi. I would love comments down below and please give me some loving, but alas hack on my fellow hackers. :)


Cheers, thanks for the guide. I will be giving this a go and see how it turns out. I currently have 3 PI's, love the little things. Got the PI 2B and am setting up kali on it. The last two are being used as a motion surveillance camera which can record at 1080p. The other is mainly a test box, currently a VPN server when using my data connection on my mobile, muhahahah, Ill leave that up to your imagination.

Now I just need to link the two together and I can tell if someone comes a knocking at my door.

Nice... glad to hear that you are using the Pi to their greatest capacities. The next tutorial will be up soon, but this one might take a bit since it will require messing around a bit with files.

Hello good day, I wanted to ask whether this same process can be applied in the raspberry with Kali Linux, grateful advance

Yes should be able to do this on Kali. :)

Oh yeah... I forgot to mention this one little bit, make sure you have libffi-dev installed. There's a error that keeps popping up with measploit about 'gem install ffi -v 1.9.8' to install the missing gem. I do apologize if anyone ran into this problem.

Still not working...

unfortunately this tutorial is significantly out of date, i have been able to fumble my way through additional dependencies now required but it appears the GRPC being dependent on OpenSSL is currently buggy and cant get past it. Hopefully this gets updated soon.

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