How To: This VPN Will Give You a Lifetime of Security for Just $18

This VPN Will Give You a Lifetime of Security for Just $18

With everything the last year has thrown at us, the odds are good that you've had to start working from home, complete with all-new challenges both for you and the technology you use.

In 2020, 88% of the organizations worldwide made it mandatory for employees to start working from home to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Working from home comes with its own new challenges, and one of the most significant new hurdles to leap is security. At work, you had the comfort of knowing your privacy and security were a package deal. Now that you're relying on your own technology, things become a little more uncertain.

Yodata VPN: Lifetime Subscription can remove that uncertainty by giving you a fast, secure VPN with military-grade encryption for only $17.99.

For your home office or as an added layer of security for your personal internet use, the Yodata VPN can assure you that what you're seeing is for your eyes only. Yodata VPN is committed to your safety, and it acts on that commitment by providing "Industry-leading AES-256-GCM end-to-end encryption," a kill switch that will let you cut all connections to your device, and state of the art VPN protocols.

You won't have to worry about sensitive client information leaking online or seeing your next great idea published in another person's name.

With unlimited traffic and bandwidth, this VPN will give you the speed and efficiency you've grown to expect in your work with the security that work deserves. With lifetime access to digital privacy, you'll be able to seamlessly connect to your colleagues in one tab and outline your next business plan in another with no worry that anyone but you will see it.

A lifetime subscription to YoData VPN is the next step toward securing your online presence. For just $18, roughly the price of two years on a domain name, you can give yourself a lifetime of security that will promise that your work remains yours.

Prices subject to change

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