Weekend Homework: How to Become a Null Byte Contributor (1/12/2012)

How to Become a Null Byte Contributor (1/12/2012)

We're officially seeking Null Byters on a weekly basis who are willing to take the time to educate the community. Contributors will write tutorials, which will be featured on the Null Byte blog, as well as the front page of WonderHowTo (IF up to par, of course). There is no need to be intimidated if you fear you lack the writing skills. I will edit your drafts if necessary and get them looking top-notch! You can write tutorials of any skill level, about anything you feel like sharing that is related to tech, hacking, psychology and social manipulation, or whatever other life hacks that you think mesh with our community.

Can I Help in Another Way?

This isn't inclusive of tutorials, even if you simply post useful links and articles to the corkboard, you are doing the community a huge favor, because at some point, someone will need the information you have provided. Let's continue to make Null Byte the best forum ever by stuffing it with the latest and greatest hacking tutorials and topics.

If you have skills and want to share knowledge on any of the topics below, please leave a response in a comments with which topic you would like to write, post directly to the corkboard, or message me privately. If you have any additional ideas at all, please submit them below.

This Weeks Topics

  1. How to Perform Buffer Overflow Exploits (Sol Gates, Pending)—Teach how to perform a basic buffer overflow exploit on any program of your choice. A video must be recorded of the overflow (due to sheer complexity of the exploit).
  2. Create a GoogleBot with Python & LurkLib (Frage Herpington, Pending)—Demonstrate how to create a bot to return Google search results using Lurklib, by LK-.
  3. How to Nmap from Behind a Proxy—Teach users how to Nmap from behind a proxy to mask traffic. I would also love if you added in BASH proxying, since the two are similar.
  4. Guide to Asking Questions—Teach the new Null Byters how to ask questions and what we expect before being asked a question (the person researched the topic beforehand, isn't just being lazy, etc).
  5. How to Make Homemade Napalm (The Bird AndBear, Pending)—Teach users how to make Napalm with home supplies. If you need to know how it's done, just ask me.
  6. How to Code a War Dialer in Python Using Gvoice API—Again, if anyone needs the concepts, just ask me how and I will tell you how it's done and help you when you need it. Create a program to call people using Google voice and hang up (major points if you can push audio through from a local sound file when they pick up!).
  7. How to DOS Attack a Windows Media Share—Code an exploit to engage in a DOS attack against a Windows box running a media share. A successful DOS is when legitimate users cannot use the resources. This is simpler than you may think, inquire for details for proof-of-concept.
  8. Learn How to Make a USB Hacksaw (Mr F)—Make a guide on how to create a USB hacksaw, which is a PnP USB device that copies sensitive files from the host machine automatically.
  9. Guide to Binary Numbers (Mr F)—This guide should explain how binary works, hex conversion, decimal, and more. Explain the importance of them and their roles in computing.
  10. A Brief Overview of Hacking History—Drop a few of the big names and people who started it all in a short outline of what hackers are and where they come from. Name some big time exploits and hacking stories to make it interesting.
  11. Create an SMS Bomber with the Gvoice API—Teach users how to code a SMS spammer/bomber in Python. Bonus points if you make it threaded. You can use libraries, but a tip of my hat to those who don't.
  12. A Simple Port Scanner in Python—Educate the forum on how to create a port scanner in the Python programming language. You should teach the concepts behind port scanning before you get into the code portion of it. If you add SYN stealth scanning to it, you're extra cool.
  13. How to Remove Windows Viruses with Linux (Mr F)—Make a tutorial on how to use clamav to remove Windows viruses using Linux. You should explain why we would use this and what situations that this would be helpful in.

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I reserve the following: 1) Hacksaw, 2) Using nux to remove win viruses, 3)Bin numbers.

I can has all three?

Why do you get the virus removal using *nix ?

You're welcome to it if you want to :) Just let me know and I can pick something else.

I'm fine with you doing it as long as it uses something other than Ubuntu as the *nix

I was going to use #! or puppy fyi. Y u no ubuntu? ;D

People use Ubuntu all to often and they think it is way to complex, try something small fast and has a good package manager, like fedora live, or puppy like you said

fedora is not much faster than ubuntu as it uses gnome. Just sayin'..
Seriously though, I kinda feel guilty now , you sure you don't want to do the av thing?

You could use fedora using LXDE. Im sure I don't want to do the AV thing

can i help with the usb hacksaw Mr F? :D i made one a couple months ago, using a U3 drive.

ill also do the google voice API python thing, since i already have most of the code :)

Sure Chris. Drop me a message and we can discuss how to divide the tasks. Sound good? :)

I'm excited for this :D.

Sorry I haven't been on much lately, I got busy with school. I'll get that post written eventually I swear!

haha, want me to write a version of it? there are very easy ways to make napalm, for instance styrofoam and gas, or rubber cement and other flammable solvents etc.

Haha, the styrofoam and gas is a classic favorite ^_^. It's so simple :3. @Chris You could do something similar, like how to make mustard gas and other harmful gases? :D

I know how to make a smoke "grenade". Does not explode but once you use it, it produces a decent amount of smoke and in enclosed spaces is extremely useful. Anyone interested in a tut on that?

i love smoke grenades! I recently made a little autodetonation one that was triggered by an electronic fuse. and yes, i could make a tut on dangerous gasses...but id probably be tracked and kidnapped by the FBI, lol.

Don't see why the FBI would come after you, after all, - they're too busy trying to close down file sharing websites and imprison net pirates. You know... The more important stuff.

That IS the important stuff, and don't let anyone tell the FBI otherwise.

I'll reply in just a sec, a black escalade just pulled up in front of my house and some friendly-looking men have stepped out, all dressed in suits and earpieces, must be Jehova's witnessess. I'll greet them and come back to you.

^ Had me laughing for 10 minutes. xD

Turned out they were Hasidim, right??

If you don't take their pamphlets, they can't go to heaven. Also if you take their pamphlets, convert, and out pamphlet-give them you can steal their spots in heaven all for yourself. You have the power, use it.

If you're right... I've banned hordes of them from heaven already. :D

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