News: 9 Notorious Hackers

9 Notorious Hackers

I found this article a while back and I found it underneath a bunch of junk. Anyway, it's a article on 9 notorious hacker including Walter O'Brien (You know the T.V. show Scorpion? Well that's him).

Not to mention the weird names:

'Susan Headley fell in with a gang and helped hack into DEC's systems; she went by the name Susy Thunder. Why not take on a kooky new name? It was a sign of the times.'

If you have the sense of humor, the article will make you laugh:

'Kim Vanvaeck, aka Gigabyte

Virus writer Kim Vanvaeck's chosen nickname -- Gigabyte -- also seems endearingly naive. It's the sort of word an old person would choose to sound high-tech, or from a very young person, like the 16-year-old that she was when she began experimenting with computer viruses. Certainly her peers came to respect the name;'

Not to mention the individual hacker's sense of humor:

'Other viruses were found that included messages like "HECHO EN ADMIRACION A GIGABYTE" in their payload.'

Not to mention what caused them to get caught, arrogance:

'McKinnon broke into numerous U.S. government and defense systems, at one point leaving a message on a compromised machine declaring, "US foreign policy is akin to Government-sponsored terrorism these days ... I am SOLO. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels." Ominous as that sounds'

Some of them were just brilliant individuals:

'George Hotz, aka geohot

Sometimes hacking nicknames can be a way for others to signal affiliation with the milieu that the hacker has emerged from.'

'Take, for example the case of George Hotz, famous for writing the first iOS jailbreak tool and reverse-engineering the PlayStation 3. Mainstream publications -- like, say, ITworld -- usually refer to him by his legal name.'

Before this article gets obnoxiously long, read the article:

Note From me:

I admit I got bored, but all the images and the quotes are not mine but are the website's and the author or authors.

Anyway, hack on my partners in crime (or not). :D

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