News: Anonymous vs ISIS

Anonymous vs ISIS

As you all know, Anonymous have declared cyber war on ISIS and have already proven what they are capable of and whats to come.


I don't even want to go over this section because you all know who they are, what they can do, and what they have recently done. sadly.


Here however I want to clarify that anonymous is not a group, and that we should all support Anonymous in this cyber war they have started on isis.


Taken down over 5,500 twitter accounts associated with ISIS.
Found an isis recruiter living in europe
DDoS'ed many websites associated with ISIS.
Found several ISIS soldiers

  • NOTE

They have not however released an address on the european recruiter, however as some of you may know the police have stormed an apartment of a potential isis recruiter.

(could this be the person Anonymous had found?)


Anonymous are preparing for a massive DDoS attack coming this December 4th. I believe BinarySec is the main group here going to perform this DDoS. (Yes they are a group)



These are some of the few @ accounts currently going after.

We as a society need to show Paris our support, and I think Anonymous doing what they do best in this situation is a tremendous help because they are making it very hard for isis to recruit new soldiers and communicate with each other.

Also I have heard a whisper in my ear that there's been some talking about going after Telegram, the app ISIS have communicated on.

It is a service that provides encryption, making it a safe communication method.

What Can You Do?

Well you can report possibly ISIS related websites or twitter accounts or anything related to Anonymous on Pastebin and send it to their IRC. If you follow their twitter you will quickly find out how.

And since you are a hacker you could yourself track down ISIS.


That ISIS doesn't abide by any law so you are literally on your own if they have found your real identity. Because your life could be in danger.

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Reminds me of Gotham from Batman, where the bad guys fight among themselves and it gives a great touch to the story. Yet the police can't do anything to them since they're too powerful.

-The Joker

So this is where colonization has led us. That's an irony if you ask me.
I Wonder what are the next values in the equations.

-The Joker

Anonymous are doing a great job its sad how many people think of them as the bad guys becuase there known for robbing a bank(cant remember which one)"

Bad and good aren't 'real' things.
Those are legal and illegal, since they are very well defined.
Bad and good are just what your government makes you understand.

-The Joker

Hey Nice article. Do you have skype because i would like to talk to you regarding this subject?

I do not have a skype. You can PM me if you want though

Please be careful of what you say and to whom regarding this subject.

i know otw but Thanks for the warning

I don't think thinking taking down their websites is a good idea. i mean their website is a way to communicate with them. closing doors wont help.

I have information on the island of Sulawesi of Indonesia here there are a group of terrorists living in forests in and someone from their group down to town at midnight to deploy a paper that reads the invitation to become terrorists they spread it all over the city and then return to the forest in the word police Indonesia that they are a branch of ISIS are told to recruit new members recently happened shootout between soldiers Indonesia with terrorist groups it but unfortunately they have mastered the mountainous area, and create traps only of the soldiers Indonesia who inadvertently freed to convey the message that group to the government Indonesia

whether I should report this to anonymous or not??

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