News: Anyone Else Likes TDoS?

Anyone Else Likes TDoS?

Here on nullbyte we always hear mention of hacking being used to shut down power grids or attacking SCADA and other such cyber warlord activities, but ive never seen a TDos post come up.

Telephony Denial of Service involves saturating call centers or carriers, especially emergency operators by bombarding them with many many many calls.

In this case however, you're targeting telephone lines. There is no ping of death that has been calculated, but there are many ways this can be achieved.

Found a DEFCON video here illustrating this as well as many other aspects of TDos. THis guy knows his sh8t. I love CDMA hacking especially and was thrilled to see him use a phone i had lying around to demonstrate what he did.

This phone, as he mentioned runs BREW OS 3.1 written in C/C++. Qualcomm offers BREW MP SDK for brew developerswhich can be downloaded from:

By modifying the OS and using a certificate workaround he could make the phone send out up to 70 calls per min, as well as finding other opportunities for further development..

In my opinion, a cheap, portable device such as this with radio, bluetooth, gps and on a cellphone network equipped with custom payloads is an ODAY starter pack of many possibilities.

Being able to make, use, or improve such devices, cellphone or not will eventually be of importance to both us and governments.

//In Other words
void worldWar3 (DDoS, TDoS, electricalGridFalls, allHellBreaksLoose){
//call funtion nullbyte()

void nullbyte(preparation){
cout <<"wake up and tinker";

root1216 :)

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Looks interesting ;)
I acutally have never heard of TDoS, but I will check it out ;)

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