News: Arduino-based Curtain Automation

Arduino-based Curtain Automation

Jamie Zawinski uses a command line to control his curtains..

..How cool is that? 

How does one just wake up one day and think, - "Hm, by automating my curtains, I could save 5-10s of walking time to the window and a few jaules of energy per morning... To the construction desk!!!"

Well, I am assuming this is exactly what Jamie did when he decided to hook up some motors to an arduino board in order to control his curtains via command line.

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Omg, I never thought of doing this xD. This wouldn't take very long to do, either. Looove these projects.

I love arduino!!! Its what controls my lab, around the same concept. Python + Arduino is ideal for home automation :D

This makes me want to punch myself for writing about X11.

Clapping controlled lights anyone? *clap clap* - "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave."

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