News: 'Beast' Cracks Billions of Passwords in Seconds

'Beast' Cracks Billions of Passwords in Seconds

Dr. Michael Pound, a computer science researcher and professor at the University of Nottingham, uses hashcat and 4 GPUs in parallel to go through 1o billion hashes a second in this Computerphile video. He calls his deep-learning server the "Beast." If you're new to cracking passwords, he does a great job breaking down the process of what's going on as hashcat does its magic.

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the beast is really powerful.. ;) i like that

Well I haven't watched this video yet but I'm hoping these GPUs aren't cheap. The last thing we want is a DIY for building password cracking workstations.

Well, Jack, that's the thing. Cheap is a relative term. Now, is every two-bit script-kiddie on a mission to be a 1337h4x0r gonna be able to build one? No, but someone with about $5000USD to blow could build one without too much difficulty.

The thing you have to remember is there is no such thing as an impenetrable website, no such thing as an uncrackable password, and no such thing as a completely secure network. With enough time and resources, a dedicated hacker can and will win, but the resources are key.

Man oh man, so much power...

i have to defend script kiddies cos i am one (weren't we all at one point? ) there is no security in obscurity, the more of us who understand that nothing is 100% secure the more chance we have of people being more carefull. nothings perfect but you can make it hard (er).happy hacking.

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