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Best Hacking Software

When i went to class today, a good friend asked me a question. He wanted to know what the best hacking software was to basically do everything. What i told him was this: Well there isn't an "Ultimate" tool boot there are a number of tools which deserve a "Medal." So what i'm trying to say here... What are some of the best hacking tools available right now? For starters i created a list with some of the tools.

  1. nmap Amazing scanner
  2. SuperScan TCP port scanner, pinger and resolver
  3. Cain & Abel Password cracking
  4. John The ripper Also a password cracker
  5. fsCrack Basically the same as Jtr but has an GUI
  6. Nessus security scanner A vulnerability scanner
  7. Wireshark Packet sniffer
  8. Live Bulk mailer Email flooder/spammer
  9. Website digger information gathering
  10. PuTTY Telnet + SSH client
  11. Metasploit Exploit/vulnerability scanner/creator
  12. Aircrack-NG Wireless cracking tools

Note: This list isn't in order
What is software that you define as a must need for every hacker? Just comment your thoughts! :-)


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You shouldn't forget the tools that go with social engineering, like the ability to make phishing pages, and the tools used to gain access to a machine you're on, like ophcrack for windows.

So The Social engineer toolkit (SET), and maybe Kon-Boot?

I agree with everything on you list, but I would add;












THC Hydra



Great! Let's keep expanding the list!

Can someone upload all these toolz in one file so we can download them :D

Yeah, it's called Kali Linux. All ready done for you.

Good Article :) TH3 SKY F0X & Thanks OCCUPYTHEWEB OTW for expanding the list. Just need to ask before we will start hacking isn't it is important to hide IP address. I know there are many Software like TOR

or JONDO to provide anonymity but which one is best of them. If you know any other Software which is best and will protect us from being traced. Please mention it. I will be very Thankful to you :-)


It is important to mask your IP address and ToR and JONDO can do that. I have found ToR to be incredibly slow, but effective.

It actually quite easy to hide your IP address by simply spoofing it. You can change your IP address during the hacking process and if your IP is recorded, it will the spoofed IP. Ultimately, if you are an effective hacker, no record of your IP address will be left behind to trace to you.


IP Spoofing. How to Do that ??? Could you Please Elaborate it


Many hacking tools like hping and nmap have built in IP spoofing capabilities. You can always alter your IP address in Linux by typing as root;

ifconfig spoofedIP eth0


TOR is nice, but it's just an anonymous browser, if you use any other services on your computer along with the browser, or download something online it is actually traceable. Still using your method does keep some sense of remaining anonymous. I would prefer using something like macchanger to change my MAC address, because unless you change that you can be traced through it as in they would know that long/lat. If you spoof your MAC address with macchanger, and spoof your IP address with TOR your chances are much greater.

InSSIDer anyone? I found that Kismet doesn't support some WiFi-n cards.

Yes, InSSIDer is great as well as Netstumbler.

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OTW, Sky Fox, can you name a good keylloger?

Btw MARITO J, I can't think of any keylogger for free that I've successfully ran into except for one I saw wrote in Python, and if I'm not mistaken it was PyKeylogger, or something like that. Sorry I can't be much more help on this one.

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I personally like Nmap, and Metasploit, although the convenience and GUI of Armitage seems smoother. For web-pages, and servers I recommend something like Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner, or havij( if SQL vulnerabilities found) The Aircrack-ng suite is good for cracking WEP networks, and Reaver is good for WPA/WPA2 if WPS is enabled. Wireshark and Xplico make what I like to call a potentially deadly combo. Cain and Abel make good with cracking passwords and hashes, as well as even tapping phone lines. Keep in mind that your favorite's list really depends on what you normally do, or the variety of what you do. For example I used some of my favorites(although I left out sooooo much more, lol), but completely skipped out too on what you would use to remain completely anonymous online. Lol.

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Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

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To start, you must learn Linux and networking fundamentals.

hi guys is there any place where i can download software without any virus or malware. I want to download ZEUS BOT where can I download it.

Beginner hello is this a program upload site or just a chatroom

Hey guys, im a bit newbie in this things, but i just wanna know how to professionaly ddos some pc adress, and which program should i use? i apreciate if someone can help me!

I need help finding a software called itt85... help anyone?

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