News: Call to Webmasters Everywhere

Call to Webmasters Everywhere


I don't think the lobbyists realise what sort of hornet's nest it is that they're kicking.

They had better prepare themselves, I know quite a bit of fellow nerds who won't take very kindly to the censorship of the internet. I strongly believe that if this bill goes through, it will be the downfall of this country.

Agreed. I think what they need to recognise is the fact that the internet has long since past the point of being something you can control or censor. It's not the "wild west" people think it is, its.. For fear of sounding stupid, a sort of organism.. well I just can't describe it as anything other than that. But the fact remains, that trying to pass these bills, legislations and whatnot is the equivalent of trying to stop a high-speed train with a fork.
Also, I heard somewhere that for every government geek in US, there's 2-3 twice as intelligent hackers who, as a matter of principle will never allow themselves to work ''for the man'' so to speak. I think we're safe for now. :)

Oh yeah :). My home network is easily 500x more secure than the NSA, I can guarantee that xD. So I don't think anyone should be afraid of them.

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