News: Capture the Flag, Round 1

Capture the Flag, Round 1

As many of you know, Standard User proposed that we start a Capture the Flag (CTF) competition. I think this is a great idea! Standard User proposed to set up the server and the flags for this first competition. Since Standard User was new to our community, I asked him to postpone the start of this competition until I had a chance to make certain that this was safe and legitimate for our community. I have good news! With the help of Phoenix750, we have done the necessary due diligence and we feel comfortable that this is competition you should participate in.

If all goes as expected, we will make this a regular part of our Null Byte community and include awards and prizes. So, hone your skills and get out there and bring back that Flag for pride and country!

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I like the AC4 screenshot.

Have fun, guys.


I feel like this is going to be a great chance to practice and hone skills. I'm very excited!


heh... sounds like fun. Who wants to be on blue team? XD

Sorry but How This Works Can Anyone Explain???

This is a hacking competition. The idea is to hack into the target machine and capture the flag. Whoever does it fastest wins.

There's technically no rules against SE or any other technique to get the upper hand. As a saying goes "A fight to the death has no rules" That I'm pretty sure was said by Edward in Fullmetal Alchemist. Which pretty much means, no one has to play fair.

I've definitely heard of CTF before, but never participated in it. Can someone please tell me extensively what exactly happens in a pentesting CTF?


Certain data (images in this case) are hid in some form on a server or servers. Sometimes these are defended by blue teams as well as attacked by red teams, though this particular event appears to be a red team only exercise. You attempt to find and decrypt or analyze the data as necessary to recover the hidden files (flags). Whomever gets the most wins. Sometimes, depending on the venue, you can get points (sometimes even more so than for capturing them) for writing up how the flags were captured.

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