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I've been frequenting this website I recently found out about called It's pretty neat! In order to sign up, you need to pass a few simple coding tests and then you can start taking on the challenges, which they call kata. Basically, you are given a task and have to write a function that completes the given task and have to test it out on a bunch of test cases they give you. Once you pass the test cases, you can submit it and gain reputation points. It seems like a really good way to work on coding skills, especially since you can see how others responded to the task and they are rated as well. I've been using it to improve my Ruby and Python scripting skills, but they have a couple other languages. There are a lot of languages that aren't supported yet but looks like they may start supporting soon which is very cool. Definitely recommend this to others who want to improve their coding abilities, especially with scripting languages like Python and Ruby.

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OOPS.They don't have Cplusplus.
But I am learning C# and Python,it still very cool.
Thanks,I am signing up now.
Hope you have a nice day,Psytech140.


Great site, thank you for the recommondation. I love sites that lend me a hand during the learning process of a new language.

Another great site for aspiring programmers:

It has a huge variety of programming languages you can choose from to solve different problems packed in little "games".

There is also the "Clash of Code" which puts you in a room with up to 7 other programmers where you have to program a solution in a given time which is then rated after different criteria.

It's pretty funny, helps you improve your programming skills and it's free. Go look it up :D

Wow looks a bit better than what I posted! Pretty much the same exact thing but way more supported languages!

Wonderful! Thank you for these sites :)

Now if only Kata would load...

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