News: CodinGame (Games for Programmers)

CodinGame (Games for Programmers)

Hi there, nullbytes! Lately I've seen many people posting their codes for many purposes (I've saved most for later use and exploration), and it struck me that maybe some of you find CodinGame fun.

Personally, I do, but I couldn't got too far in their games. Still, I find it pretty satisfying when my code finally does what I wanted it to.

Games can be played using many languages (including C, C++, Python, Ruby, Perl, etc), and three text editing types (Classic, Vim, Emacs).

Hope you like it :)

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I'll have to check this out later. It's looks really promising :)

Nice stuff.
I will spend some time on playing it.
Really cool.

I believe the Hacker game series allows for programming, I know it at least is command line but would be worth the look.

What game are you talking about?

Great game. I'm hooked. Thanks for sharing.

Ok I checked it out 3 months later and it's actually pretty amazing!

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