News: Collection of Spreading Tutorials

Collection of Spreading Tutorials

Before I start. This Collection is for educational purposes only and I am not the author of the Contents.

This is a Collection of e-Books and Tutorials about the topic "Getting your RATs on as many computers as possible" :) They are all from members of, because this is the best site for stuff like this. I highly recommend to open these e-Books in a VM or Sandbox, because every Download could be infested. Ok, here are the best ones:

-Vithov's guide to spreading

-Nice Detailed spreading Guide if you aim on special persons (Account on is required)

-Rusty's spreading Guide
-A Guide on the most famous method of spreading: Master e-Whoring
-Spreading Guide

And this is a Present for you. It's a RAT, which usually costs 25$, but this is a free Download. The victim needs .NET Framework 2.0 or higher, but this should be no problem. Again this should be used for researching purposes only. This is a white-hat Forum, not Black-hat Stuff.

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Thank you! I hope u can collect great e-books about other topics in future:),i want to read too:)

Nice idea! If someone says me what topics you are interested in I could try to search for other e-Books.

Russian Hacker Vithov method #69: Create a .pdf

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