Community Contest: Code the Best Hacking Tool, Win Bragging Rights

Code the Best Hacking Tool, Win Bragging Rights

Here's something fun for the Null Byte community to do—a coding competition!

This week, I wanted to get everyone involved by offering you all a nice library of possible program types to choose from and try to code. At the end of this competition, all of the submitted programs will be reviewed by the community and myself. The coder that receives the most votes will be dubbed THE BEST.

These tools are going to be hacking-based (of course) and should center around simplicity and speediness. Please submit code in its cleanest state possible. Check out what is available for coding below, then pick your poison.

Available Program Types

  • Web Crawler / Spider - Make a bot that maps out websites quickly and exports them cleanly into a text file. Maybe add pause and resume features, or some other spiffy features.
  • Email Bomber - Create a classic script that loops sending emails. Try to get creative and fancy with your bomber, because this one's seen a lot.
  • SMS Bomber - See above, except this is for SMS bombing.
  • Voicemail Bruteforcer - Code a tool that actually bruteforces peoples voicemail PINs.
  • Backdoor / RAT - Code a backdoor tool that will allow returned remote access to a box that you have rooted. This should allow shell commands.
  • Crypter / Binder - Create a tool that binds and hides files within one another. These are helpful for distributing viruses and malware.
  • Web Directory Fuzzer - This tool needs to be able to effectively toss "garbage" at a server until it randomly guesses existing directory names. Good for mapping unknown pages.
  • Silent Port Scanner - Make a simple port scanner that does a very silent SYN stealth scan. It should allow very intuitive control over what ports are scanned.

How Does This Work?


Simply code a tool and submit the program's source code via a link to a hosting site of your choice. Just post your link in the comments below or on the community corkboard, including a proper description. Preferred language is Python, but you can code in anything that you choose.

When Does It Start?

If you're reading this, it's happening.

When Does It End?

The winner will be announced next Wednesday, February 15th. Good luck!

Project Goals

Here are some of my hopes for the community with this week's projects:

  • Get more users to ask friends to join and idle in IRC.
  • Get more people to learn how to program.
  • Learn how to apply realistic hacking techniques.
  • Teach people problem solving techniques to apply in real-life situations.

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Does it matter which programing language we chose?

Nah, Python is just a preferred one :).

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