News: FBI Shuts Down One of the Biggest Hacking Forums

FBI Shuts Down One of the Biggest Hacking Forums

FBI has taken down a notorious hacking forum called "darkode" where cyber criminals bought, sold and traded hacked databases, stolen bank accounts, and malicious software that steal information from other computer systems and helped each other to infiltrate other computers.

The FBI called the site one of the most serious threats to data security in the world. criminal charges has been filed against 12 individuals who were associated with the forum and the investigation is still ongoing, more than 70 cyber criminals from 20 countries were targeted in the investigation.

The site, which had roughly 250 to 300 active members, was seized and shut down, it contained personal information of 39,000 people from a database of social security identification numbers and 20 million emails and user names that could be used to ­target people.

i combined the butter from several posts so it's not long, hope you like it


HELL taken down from the inside. Galaxy2 under DDOS attack today.

... Not a good week for hacker forums.

I heard about this on the radio. And yea Netstat. Next thing you know, it'll be us....

They can't take us down, this is a white hat community, where we still a gray hat community however, the matter would be different


why they do something like that ? hacking is an idea , its a knowledge ,

the reason why is because dark0de was a CRIMINAL forum of hacking. unlike null byte, which is completely legal.

on-topic: where was dark0de located, actually? on the deep or normal web?


i don't really know, they didn't mention. although this is the first time i hear about it which makes me suggest that it was on the deep web, it appears on the google search now maybe because it got closed or something

will it come again or it will be seized forever.

Phoenix,the site was on the web.I dont understand how they could be so stupid.I mean,it was a criminal hacking market.Although Onion rooting protocols was cracked by NSA,is still far safer then normal web.

i think the NSA knew but didn't wanna do anything about it for some reason

it is not "really" cracked. the only way for the NSA to see you on any darknet is if you go through 3 nodes that are both set up by them. then they know the starting point and the destination, and thus compromise your anonymity. i estimate that maybe over 65% of the nodes on TOR are NSA honeypots.

i don't know if there are any other methods, so feel free to prove me wrong if i am!

and yeah, you would expect darkode to be on the deep web. i wonder if there are any other black hat trainig grounds on the normal web?


no you're right but as we know espionage stuff are really complicated and maybe NSA were using them for something else who knows how NSA operate its agenda but anyway its just a theory.

well after what happened to darkode i think most of the black hat hacking forums will lay low for a while and be more careful so i doubt you'd find anything on the normal web

exactly. for all we know, the NSA might've backdoored Windows. the Patriot Act clearly allows them to do so (i'm going to make an article on the patriot act soon, and how to slip under it.)

the best advice that i could give is to use a Linux distro that wasn't developed by an 'murican company and to use an unpopular darknet, preferably one that wasn't developed by an organization based in the US. (like I2P).


i agree

surprisingly, it was on the surface web.


This surprises me a bunch, so easy to trace.

This is good, unlike nul byte it was full of criminals who want to do harm and not help people learn to help defend.

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