News: Fend Off Attackers Using This Scary Hot DIY Pepper Spray

Fend Off Attackers Using This Scary Hot DIY Pepper Spray

Let's face it, the world we live in is far from the fairy-tale land we want it to be, where violence doesn't exist and weapons are not needed. Our foremost goal in life out there in the scary world is simply to survive. And if we need a few tools to accomplish this, we should use them, right?

However, since we are people of intelligence, when the situation permits, a physical dispute is often resolved in a non-lethal manner—assuming no one has a machine gun. But why not tilt the odds in your favor? Don't just let someone mug you—or worse—take some precaution. Create a homemade batch of pepper spray to fend off your would-be attackers!


  • Dried habanero peppers (if you can find them, use the hotter naga varieties instead)
  • Water
  • Herb or spice grinder
  • Empty bottle
  • Mixing cup
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Coffee filters
  • Coffee maker

Step 1 Grinding the Pepper

First, take your herb or spice grinder. We need to grind the peppers until they are an even and fine mixture, with chunks no larger than an earring stud.

Fend Off Attackers Using This Scary Hot DIY Pepper Spray

This should be good enough for our solution now. These will be our grounds for making our pepper spray solution.

Step 2 Brewing the Solution

  1. Dump the powder in the coffee filters and turn on your coffee maker. Make this as if you were making a normal pot of coffee, save for the fact that this is a weapon. Use 1-2 cups of water only.
  2. When it's done brewing, wait for the solution to cool down and add 2 caps full of Isopropyl alcohol. This will add a blinding and burning effect to our spray, without taking away from the pepper burning sensation.
  3. Use a funnel and pour the liquid into a spray bottle.
  4. Don't spray at anyone's face, unless you are prepared to face assault charges. Think of this stuff like a jail term in a can.

The spray is effective for up to two weeks, so have fun while the pepper lasts.

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