News: Finding the Exploits Out in the World (For Beginner Hackers)

Finding the Exploits Out in the World (For Beginner Hackers)

Hello again my fellow hackers. I've come to give you some hope for hacking. As we know there are a lot of exploits out in the world and there are websites you can find them on.

Just in case your don't know what websites you can find them on I will give you a couple of websites you can find exploits on.

The Websites

These website's will give you the latest exploits. So when you find computers with these exploits it will be easier to hack. You can also use to search for computers with the OS your looking for. If you don't know how to use it here are some how-tos

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i knew about these sites already but dont know what to search for. how would you go about searching for an exploit once you know the open ports?

Chris I would personally search for the operating system. Then I would look for an exploit that has the port that I am looking for. I will do more research and get back to you. Sorry I don't have it right now.

Anonymous: your answer is right.

First scan, then fingerprint the services running on the open ports as deep as you can and then search an exploit for that service.

There are also some tools that automate the process, like nmap scripts, Nessus, OpenVas and Nexpose.

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