News: Funniest Hacks in History

Funniest Hacks in History

Usually when a hacker takes control of a system, they use it for a good purpose (on their end, anyway). But some hackers have made jokes or pranks with their hacks. Here is a list of the top of them...

AC/DC at the Power Plant

When some hackers took control of a power plant, instead of shutting it down or messing with the systems, they played the song "Thunderstruck" by the rock band AC/DC at full volume. Considering it was a power plant, this band matched perfectly.

Wi-Fi Name Hack

Okay, so I'm probably not the first one to do this, but it's a classic. DON'T DO THIS IF YOU ARE HIDING SOMETHING VALUABLE.

Godzilla Attack

I'm personally sad I never got to witness this, but one genius hacker had the idea of spoofing a street sign to say "Godzilla Attack!"

McBurger King Twitter

In 2013, Burger King's Twitter account got hacked to be replaced by the Golden Arches of McDonald's. The irony of this rivalry was probably the motivation.

Illuminati Spears

Britney Spears' Twitter account got hacked in 2009, and the hackers went full Illuminati on it. If you've ever watched NigaHiga's video on Illuminati conspiracy theories, you might just find this story even more amusing.

Max Headroom

If anyone is old enough, you might remember the Max Headroom television hack. In 1987, a hacker interrupted a PBS playing of Doctor Who. It was a bit more eerie than funny, but it was still one of the greatest hacks of all time.


So, there you go. Not all hackers have to be serious or take down government facilities. If you have the wit, you might even be able to add yourself to one of these lists. Who knows? Maybe you'll be the first to play the SpongeBob Campfire song on Microsoft's website...

C|H of C3

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Great article! I wonder how they hacked the street signs. I thought those things were hard wired.

A lot of them can be changed with text messages.


That's awesome! How would one exploit this?

What is dots? A google search just gave me too many vague results.

DOTS is the default password in these signs.

Oh yeah! I think I read that somewhere. You have to lift up the panel behind the sign and enter the password. -_- I still wish it were wireless.

Actually on shod an you can find them and hack remotley.

They probably hooked up a small computer to the sign, like a Raspberry Pi.

How do I unsee the last one?

Midnight wandering on Null Byte they said.
It will be fun they said.

As soon as I saw the word 'eerie' I skipped over to the next post.

Objective achived!
I now know the meaning of "eerie"...

Wi-Fi Name Hack is really funny.
This was all about great hackers storys.
Powerful hackers.

The Godzilla hack sounds like a fun thing to learn how to do (and wreak havoc and posibly get into jail if you get caught).

P.S: I wish I didn't see that video. Curiosity killed the cat.

Really? I didn't think it was that bad...

*Curiosity killed the Kitten. ;)

It's silly when you see it, but creepy when you remember it.

I see, a bit.

Lmao, just tried the roadside sign last week. It was hilarious. Unfortunately, my phone was dead so I couldn't take any pics for proof (I know, pics or it didn't happen lmao) but I got chased off by the construction workers and they changed it back in about an hour lol.

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