News: A Game of Real Hacking

A Game of Real Hacking

Bad news first: It's not out yet, but it's coming really soon.

The premise for the game is this:

A powerful hacker configured a script that triggered if he didn't log into his computer for 14 days. If that happened, it'd send a set of instructions to someone (you!) to continue where he left, because he knew he could be caught/killed someday.

As you can see in the trailer, it'll have some HackThisSite style of hacking, and it is said that it'll use real UNIX commands to play, to make it more realistic.

The game is based on a game posted on indiedb some years ago.

Now it's about to be launched by Steam, so more audience and attention to detail can be expected.

I just love the fact that Mr. Robot's style of depicting hacking is trending right now! Would you play it? I will surely give it a try on August 12 :D

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It's sounds really cool. I hope it'll satisfy most people

Satisfying many people is hard, but it may do so.
I'll be happy if it satisfies me :P

UNIX Command?
That's really cool!

Yep, I wonder if any real hacking program is used (such as metasploit, aircrack, etc) or they just use the common ones(mkdir, cp, ls, rm, mv, find, apropos, etc).

I think of real hacking as a game, anyways :)

That's a game indeed :D

metasploit still works? i thought people would have forgotten about metasploit..!

It works, but it only gets used by some weirdos only on Feb 29th's

It's a shame the game isn't available on Mac, or Linux, especially considering that you simulate Unix commands. :( I guess I'll have to play it on a Windows virtual machine.

Anyways, Good article! +1

Let's hope Steam makes it multiplatform, as they did with Dota 2.

If they don't, it'll be a good excuse to use my freshly made Windows 10 installation.

On moment of typing this (August 25) it is available for mac.

Good game.
And 11th August for Kali!
Thank you for sharing this.
Hope you have a nice day.

Freaking awesome. Thanks for sharing.

I'll try it out, thanks for sharing it :)

It may also contain all the user mods and custom LAN's. Pretty sure they still have fan sites with mods out there.

I'm downloading the most seeded version I found, in qBittorrent. I searched there when I figured that page only offered a Demo for free.

cool game played it already, i feel the maker made it use armitage theme, if u use armitage on kali linux u'll know what i mean. ;-)

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