News: Get YouTube's New Layout Today with a Simple JavaScript Hack

Get YouTube's New Layout Today with a Simple JavaScript Hack

As many of you may have noticed, nearly every Google product (i.e. Gmail, Google search, etc.) has gone through a bit of a makeover since the release of Google+. Big blocky buttons and enormous font sizes are apparently the thing of the future, and with a cool JavaScript hack, you can have a goofy YouTube, too! Now, I'm actually just being a bit facetious, the new YouTube is really the only thing that I like out of all of Google's recent redesigns. It looks pretty sleek.

Get YouTube's New Layout Today with a Simple JavaScript Hack

This cool little JavaScript hack simply adds a cookie, and when you access the home page, a PHP script displays content to the user depending on if they have the special developer cookie or not, and displays content accordingly. Much like a website filters out who has what browser.

Hack the Tubes!

The script can be entered in two ways actually. We can void our cookies with a JavaScript injection. Alternatively, we could enter it straight into the JavaScript console. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Sign into YouTube.
  3. Depending on your browser, you need to use different keys to get to the console.
        Firefox - ctrl + shift + k
        Chromium(Windows) - ctrl + shift + j
        Chromium(OSX) - cmd + alt + j
  4. Force the cookie on your account.
  5. Alternatively, inject a JavaScript injection into your address bar.

Here's a quick video so you can see how it's done:

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