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Hack This Site

If you're looking to train yourself, and see how good at hacking you really are, I'd recommend Hack This Site. You've most likely already heard of it, but it's super fun to use and is also safe. You learn a lot, too, and there's no tutorials or anything. What you do is you pick a challenge and then it gives you a little scenario. For example I started the basic challenges about 10 minutes ago and am on challenge six, it asks for a password and you scramble through the code, editing bits and bobs to get in. The basic challenges are... well... basic, but there's more advanced ones too. I'm trying to complete all of the sections, so I'm starting basic and working my way up. Often you'll use Inspect Element (or Firebug) and other tools to get past the challenge. Try it, it's a ton of fun!

Hack This Site!

Hack This Site!

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A tiny trivia piece, this site was co-founded by Jeremy Hammond. A hacker who was unfortunately caught and given an unfair sentence of 10 years.


Oh wow, I never knew that. Thanks for the info.

I like also the site
There are cool challenges, the best is "Microhard"
Really Funny and good done,

I want to share this with you :
Click the archive.
And you can see how many websites had been changed.
Hope you have a wonderful day,f1n.fl0 .

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