News: Hackers Claim 1$ Million Bounty for Security Flaw in iOS 9

Hackers Claim 1$ Million Bounty for Security Flaw in iOS 9

Hackers are claiming money for a security flaw in Apple's new update.

Quick Summary:

So, a new security firm called "Zerodium" states that they want to be up to date with the newest vulnerabilities in OS. They have said they are willing to pay seven figures to anyone who can give them a technique to crack Apple's new iOS 9 update.

2 small group of hackers managed to do so, but only one of those teams have been able to give a full technique on how to take down the entire iOS 9 on the mobile device. For the other team they have only been able to show partly how to hack iOS 9.

So as of right now, the team that pulled it off claims 1 million dollars for their technique, and they will most likely receive those money, for the other team it is unsure how much they will get since they don't have a full technique on how to crack iOS 9, however Zerodium did say they are willing to pay several times.

Why Is iOS 9 Worth 1$ Million Dollars?

Well, since iOS 9 is the newest update from Apple, it is also the most secure, but still crackable, which is why it is so valuable when it comes to its security flaws, and therefore it's why the hackers are claimingthat much money.

And let's be honest. If the technique got out or sold for that sake to unethical hackers, Apple could be in serious trouble. And everybody who owns an Apple phone.


"Zerodium's main goal is to capture the most advanced zero-day exploits and the highest risk vulnerabilities which are discovered, held, or sometimes stockpiled by talented researchers around the globe."


Chaouki Bekrar

How the Technique Works:

The technique can be used remotely on any iPhone or iPad that has the new iOS 9 update installed. The victim only needs to visit a web page or by text message and that is it. Surprisingly simple right?

Why This Technique Is Getting the Spotlight:

Many hacking teams have sold their techniques to governments on how they are able to crack several companies and so on. But since Apple just came out with a new iOS 9 update it is said to be the most secure, and Apple isn't really the company that is known for being under cyber attack.

But this single exploit has gotten the spotlight because, well I wouldn't say there is a specific explanation other than the fact that this exploit is worth 1 million dollars, and it has been found right after a new iOS 9 update, which is unsual if you ask me. However everything is crackable.

End Note:

So, this is a clear eye opener that no company or software or update and so on is completely secure. Doesn't matter when it has been released, or if it just have been released, everybody is at risk for being hacked.

Stay safe.

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Great article. Cool that someone is paying so much.

Just goes to show that anything is hackable (and big companies are well aware of that and are willing to pay big money for it)


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