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What type of "hacking" are you looking for?


Then we can't help you out there, thats something you will need to write your own tools and learn how to write the code in record time

Then stick around and definitely come to IRC. Also, please use the forums for things like this in the future.

i need to hack an account of ma frnd plzz help

what type of account? an internet password, a computer login password? WHAT

That's not very legal 'round these parts.

Well its only legal if they say its ok to do it sadly.

i need a code to hack into phone security code

i need to relase mee from this site web i get baned from this sort of chat flash123...etc plase giv as som help... ok

So you got banned from this website and would like to be unbanned by hacking it?

yes giv as le plas thans lo

I am sorry but we can not do that for you as it is not legal in the locations where we are at. The only way is if you hack it using some of your own tools.

I find this amusing. The general consensus is Question Pops Up >>> Do your research >>> If still not clear >>> Ask question.

By bypassing this these question become neither concise nor specific. Hacking isn't what you see in the films. And certainly not that easy.

Word. Showng initiative is the best way. Rather than asking how to do something, find out as much as can about it first, then when you get stuck on something, ask someone who knows. It's much more gratifying, and people will retain the knowledge that they picked up on their own.

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