Hacking in the Media: Our Craft's Portrayal as Black Magic

Our Craft's Portrayal as Black Magic

People have asked: "Here is an IP address. Can you hack this? Can you hack me right now?"

Hacking takes time and skill. You can't just get an IP or an email and hack it in ten minutes unless the password is 1234.

I say, "No. I can't really do what you want me to do like this," and they think that I must suck at hacking.

The world seems to think that typing harder than normal and wearing a hoodie makes you a hacker, that you're somehow magically more capable and better at using a computer, that you know some secret command that spontaneously -- and without resistance -- can get into any computer.

Why does anyone think this way? Popular Culture -- that's it.

Aside from Mr. Robot, every TV show that has one "Computer Guy/Girl" makes hacking seem really... magical. Big words and acronyms are thrown around completely out of context.

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The Origin of "How Can I Hack This Gmail?"

"Someone plz tell me how to hack dis."

Bleh. People come to NullByte thinking they've found Merlin's Castle, that they have stumbled on a bunch of Computer Magicians that can, without thought, do anything to any computer in the world.


I could keep ranting and ranting about this, but I want to hear (read) what you guys have to say.

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My Favourite : " I'm Hacking into the Mainframe".

Even besides that: "mainframe" is from the magnetic tape era. It's an outdated term, but, since it's more than seven characters, Hollywood still uses it.

Wait a mainfraim is a real thing?

These kind of questions ("How can i hack diz pls") sometimes really gets on your nerves. it ruins perfectly good communities by making it look "Noob-ish" i hope the media and/or anyone would realize it's not as simple as downloading a "Facebook hacking tool".

But it's kinda funny, a "Facebook hacking tool"? it just might have a trojan xD. this would be a good exploit someday, hahaha.

Actually, a Facebook hacking tool appeared lately, which does hack Facebook passwords. Just not the ones you want it to.

Interesting. do you know where i can find this tool? Thanks in advance.

Yeah, they're all over HF. Your typical brute forcer designed for kidz.

No, that's apparently a trojan that extracts your passwords by keylogging, it was at THN last week or so.

-The Joker

Oh I get it now. cough

Spear-phishing is probably the best way to hack stuff nowadays.

but hey, a nifty uber hacking tool would be nice

Yeah...the stereotypes. I remember a CollegeHumor video about stereotypes of hackers made by Hollywood. The funniest was that 'it all depends on your typing speed.'

But, not even remotely close to how Indian Bollywood movies depict it.
Sort of like... THIS IS...SPARTA!!!
And the widely accepted stereotypes here are actually so...funny if you ask me.

-The Joker

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