News: Hello to the Null Byte Community!

Hello to the Null Byte Community!

Hello, Null Byters. I'm Barrow, and I'm excited to introduce myself as the new admin here on Null Byte. Just like previous admins have done before me, I will be writing new guides, updating older guides if they need it, and responding to some of your issues in the forum. Before I get started with any of that, though, I wanted to talk a little bit about myself and the future of Null Byte.

A Little Bit About Me

In my time in IT, I've developed software, conducted numerous penetration tests, and administered far too much Linux. I'm partial to Arch Linux or Fedora on the desktop and CentOS or RHEL on the server, and prefer the terminal to the GUI in most cases. I love a clever exploit chain, but always prefer a simple, fast exploit. Lastly, I'm a firm believer that time is money.

My Plan of Attack

My goal for Null Byte is simple: to help everyone learn to be a better a pentester. Null Byte already has quite a wealth of information thanks to OccupyTheWeb, and I intend to continue the tradition of clear and concise tutorials that are just as useful to beginners as they are to seasoned professionals.

Right now, I plan on doing a series on hacking with a Mac, since there seems to be very little for Mac users in Null Byte. I will also be covering Kali Linux, some Python scripting for hackers, privilege escalation, attack targeting, enumeration, exploits, post exploitation, new tools, and the methodologies of conducting a pentest. Pentesting is a puzzle, so I want to lay out all the pieces and let the community put them together.

Community Involvement

One thing I'm really looking forward to is hearing from you. There is a large group of people here from differing backgrounds with differing skill sets, so you are what makes Null Byte the unique site that it is. Some of you are already submitting wonderful guides to this site, and I want to continue to encourage you to do so and will do my best to highlight the ones that meet or exceed the quality of standards.

Also, I'm particularly interested in what kind of articles you would like to see as this site moves forwards. What kind of news are you interested in? CVEs? IoTs? Data breaches? What kind of exploits would you like to see? What tools are giving you a hard time? What concepts are you having trouble with?

These kinds of insights lead to better guides and a stronger community all around. Together, we will continue to learn, grow, hack, and have some fun along the way!

Looking forward to working with you.


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This is exciting! Welcome, Barrow. Can't wait to see this community thriving again.

Great to hear this site has a new admin! It's been falling apart ever since OTW left, but I'm excited for what you'll do with this site!

And I know this site used to have an IRC channel, is that still around?

You should start seeing new content soon Tacocat. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!


welcome I'm also new, I would like to see pen testing with the teensy with the Kautilya tool, love null-byte

So i assume that NB is live again! Good to have you here , Barrow!

Hello Barrow
Namstey and welcome
Hope you will carry forward the great legacy of OTW.
Excited to see your posts.


Hey Barrow! I'd like to see more reverse engineering articles, if possible.

I'm also fairly new to this site, but in the few months that I've been getting my head round pentesting, this place and all the people on here have proven to be invaluable. so welcome to you and thank you to everyone else.

Welcome to the club I guess. Interested to see how this'll pan out.


Hello Barrow,

I am very happy that we have a new administrator since OTW has left the forum. What a pitty. But I am sure that you as a our new guru will continue the work of OTW successfully and teach me and other novice white hackers intresting security topics. Again I am very happy that your are joining us.

Kind regards, Citizen One

A warm hearted welcome to our new teacher, I hope that you'll be giving us more than we can ask for just like OTW did.
Looking forward to learn from what you have in store for us!


Great News!
Welcome to you aswell

I'm very happy ! Thank you ! Long life for null-byte !

Welcome to Null-byte.
There is not much articles about cves. so i want you explain some of new CVEs

Where is the comment preview option gone?

hello, i need help recovering my old account, please, hit me up admin, im the guy under Mr__Nakup3nda i tried to recover, it send the link but doesnt work, i even created this account with the same email, and how i still dont know.

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