News: If you use Tor Browser, the FBI just labelled you a criminal.

If you use Tor Browser, the FBI just labelled you a criminal.

Well this law was passed...

Our privacy is slowly being pulled away from us. But I'm certainly not going to let it stop me. We'll just have to take more secure measures.

If You Use Tor Browser, The FBI Just Labeled You a Criminal

If You Use Tor Browser, The FBI Just Labeled You a Criminal Supreme Court approves rule change that allows a judge to issue a search and seizure warrant for anyone using anonymity software like Tor to surf the web.

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People fail to realize that cybercrime is so rampant and that there is little to no legislation regarding it.

Now the FBI is able to crack down on criminals and get important information -- despite you thinking that all they want is to view conversations between you and your online friends.

It's not just Tor, it's any anonymity software.

The government doesn't care about cracking down on criminals; massive data collection simply doesn't work. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack the size of the Pacific Ocean and growing exponentially every day. The government cares about controlling the masses, and what this does is give them near unrestricted authorisation to hack innocent civilians.

This is a problem.


This is unacceptable and according to that article they can do a "remote search." Are they seriously saying that the FBI can now break into my computer without my knowledge or consent for something as little as using a special web browser? It is honestly sad the straws that our government is grasping at in some desperate witch hunt to try and stop cyber crime. I am going to do some more research but the term "remote search" seems very scary to me.

What ever happened to "Innocent until proven guilty"?
It feels like we are going through the Salem Witch Trials all over again.

If anyone is unfamiliar with this, it's basically based in late 1600s, where a girl called Abigail started calling everyone she hated (or just simply wanted to) a Witch, and they get into a trial, which never really ended well for anyone.

But like this, the feds and the govt is basically saying that you are automatically guilty, and somehow, by searching your computer, you have to prove yourself innocent.

Honestly, seems to me like just another way for them to legally do morally wrong and unethical hacking.

Oh and, in case anyone is wondering, Freedom of Speech

That's fascinating. I couldn't believe that US government would become so desperate that they would resort to this. But then again, I know little about the functioning of US government, or what is happening in that country.

As soon as the rigidness of authority falls, the equations balance themselves quite flexibly. US government isn't all-powerful, so I wonder how long it will take. The latest news I'm seeing set my estimation back 5-10 years, which isn't a lot in comparison to the whole number.


It's funny, considering they unanimously passed the Email Privacy Act no longer than a week beforehand. I will continue to use VPNs and Tor regardless.

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