News: Jobs & Salaries in Cyber Security Are Exploding!

Jobs & Salaries in Cyber Security Are Exploding!

In an article published in early-2015 by Peninsula Press, it was reported that the demand and the salaries for cyber security professionals are exploding! They cite that 209,000 cyber security jobs were unfilled last year, and that job postings have increased over 74% in the last 5 years. Job opening are expected to grow by another 53% over the next 3 years. You are definitely in the right field, my tenderfoot hackers!

Image via Reuters

Some researchers are expecting information security jobs to continue to grow exponentially in the coming years. Some expect as much as a tenfold increase in the next 10 years. That is unprecedented growth. We have never seen a job category grow this fast in the last half century. That means that there will incredible demand for your services when you finish your studies here at Null Byte and beyond.

With all this demand for cyber security professionals, the salaries are rising rapidly as well. Three years ago, the average salary for a cyber security professional was over $100,733—and it probably has surpassed $115,000 this year. However, many people are earning far more than the average that have high-level skills and some experience.

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Most cyber security professionals know little or nothing about hacking. Those that do are in high demand as they understand what the attackers are capable of. They understand the mindset, the tools, and techniques of the hacker. That makes them better prepared to stop and stymie the attackers.

Without hacking skills as a cyber security pro, cyber security engineers are simply guessing what the hackers/attackers can do—and their guesses are usually wrong. That's one of the main reasons so many successful attacks are still taking place, despite huge advances in defensive technologies such intrusion detection systems and deep packet inspection firewalls such as those from Palo Alto Networks

Image via ISACA

I post this data for you here, both to confirm your decision to go into this field and to encourage you to continue. What you are learning here is in high demand in the marketplace. Get yourself some education, some certifications, and maybe even a degree, and companies, governments, and institutions will beat a path to your door with high-paying job offers.

Keep at it, my tenderfoot hackers—it will pay off!

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Thanks OTW, always good to see that all our work will pay off one day :)


Amazing insight/observation OTW as always :).

Great to see more on this. Any company who has an internet connection needs a security professional, this and the rapid growth of the internet has helped alot.

Can Anyone Tell Me About Certifications And Degrees In This Field???

I only know of some. google for "offensive security" and check their certifications. Tactical network solutions also offers some kind of training. And also check


We are beginning certifications in this field in January..

Thank You Sir Glad To Hear That...

Thanks OTW. Which Certificates or Degrees would you recommend as of this moment if say I wanted to look for a job in Cyber Security. Would the Certificate program you've put together could be put on my CV? Thanks

Recommended certs depend a lot on your passion and the direction you want to go in.
CompTIA A+, Net+, and Sec+ are good starter certs.
EC-Council has the CEH if you would like to be a pen tester. They also have the C|CISO for the C-Level jobs.
ISACA has CISA and CISM for those who want to get into the Auditing side of cyberecurity.
ISC2 has the SSCP (virtually unknown) and the CCSP (Cloud) HCISPP (Healthcare), and CISSP for C-Level jobs.

Check out the Cert Roadmap that CompTIA put together. It's a good way to determine which certs align with your career plans.

Thank you for that link! It is a great page and I haven't been able to find it for a while.

Whoa thanks Jimmy...this is great help

I'm looking to do security so which one would you take as a first step the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) or CompTIA A+ ?

The certs we will be offering will look good on your CV. There will be four levels, from beginner to expert.

Thank you OTW...I am going to wait for your program and do that first... the rest can wait for now. Can I sign up in advance?

Wow! Thank you for sharing this OTW.

Admittedly, helps to keep me motivated.


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